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Suwannee Room

No description

duygu duzceler

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Suwannee Room

Double click anywhere & add an idea History built in 1913
refurbished and reopened in 2006
originally used to serve the Florida State College of Women
the picture on left is from 1914.
the picture on right shows the present,2010. More about Suwannee Room On the East side of the Campus
in the William Johnston Building
is a buffet style facility
most of the students who eat there are freshmen and sophomore From students... Best known workers: Mrs.Killings and Felicia (the omelet lady)
Both of them are known with kindness and friendliness What do students think about the workers?
Most of the students thinks that the workers are friendly and kind
A few of them think that they are rude and ignorant "Hi" and "Thanks!" "because they are nice and giving me food"
"being polite is important"
"because they are working to help service me and I am appreciative of that!"
"it is nice if they are stressed or having a bad day to know I appreciate them"
"I know how much it helps improve someone's day"
Workers In Suwannee Room The BEST Worker! Mrs. Killings... She has been working at Suwannee Room for more than 30 years
She is the most famous and appreciated worker by the students
Has two fan pages on Facebook ( one of them has 1.666 and the other one has 2.130 fans)
Has a film festival which has her name
Her famous sentences is "I love you babies!" Some quotes from Facebook "Mrs. Killings went out of town over Summer C 2009 and she puts a poster on her register that she had colored and stuff that said - Bye, babies I miss you and I love you."
"She is awesome. She is like a mom away from home."
"Absolutely, without a question, the most welcoming, polite individual at FSU."
"Mrs. Killings is by far the best thing Suwannee's got literally." The Film Festival occured in April 18, 2008
on FSU Campus at the Student Services Building Above the Parkside Diner
Purpose of Mrs. Killings Film Festival: Mrs. Killings works at the Suwannee Dining Hall on the FSU campus. She greets all students with a smile, letting them know that they're always welcome. We have dedicated this film festival in honor of Mrs. Killings because she is just that amazing. Her generosity and kindness inspired us to connect the community of students. And besides, everyone knows who Mrs. Killings is - she's just that great. In no way are the DVD Submissions required to pertain to Mrs. Killings at all. But don't let this stop you from being inspired by her or other things that happen in your daily life.

last words... We learned that dining hall workers have a big part in students' lives.
In the beginning of this assignment we thought that students don't care about the workers but most of the students appreciate these workers and value their jobs.
It doesn't matter how easy your job seems , you can still make a big impact on people.
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