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Starchy Reaching

No description

freeman fulwiley

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Starchy Reaching

In this presentation
I will talk about the inspiration this project
Then explain the concept of the project in detail
Explain Universal Connected Consciousness and my personal goals for it
Artist References
Talk about the process of the project
Finally give a conclusion

Starchy Reaching
Reaching Out- To attempt to communicate
Where did it all start ?
Could you explain a little more please?
What is Universal Connected Consciousness??
Artist references
Guy Debord
Rabbit skin glue
Aluminum foil
Clear Krylon Spray
Wooden Pine board
Newsprint paper
All purpose Adhesive

Process Everything has Layer !!!!
Don't say don't be alarmed
Don't overwhelm the viewer with information
Stick to the point of the concept simple isn't badt as long as its not lazy
Be careful what you SAY
Don't try to please everybody get YOUR OWN POINT ACROSS
Follow through with the formalities
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