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Culturally Competent Strategies Chart

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lc kirkpatrick

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Culturally Competent Strategies Chart

Culturally Competent Strategies Chart
Cooperative Learning
Instructional strategy in which small groups work together to perfrom a specific task
In Mathematics the students can pair up and use manipulatives to act out a problem. After solving a math problem, students can explain their thinking to a partner.
Differentiated Instruction
Tailoring instruction to meet individual needs
Varying the length of time a student may take to complete and assignment in order to provide more support for a struggling learner.

Call and response
Call and Response is a group coral reponse. The teacher asks and the students answer in unison
Relationship Building
Build positive relaptionships with students.
Use strategies that you might use to strengthen your relationship with your students and incorporate that knowledge into instruction.
Incorporate Home Culture
Bring home into the classroom
Plan to have family class discussions that correlate with the lesson of the day.
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