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Lynx Robotics BEST 2012

Marketing Presentation

Amelia Grayson

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Lynx Robotics BEST 2012

Lynx Robotics
"Measure twice, cut once"


Headquartered in Memphis, TN
Established 2008
Key Personnel
38 total employees
24 marketing employees
24 engineering employees
32 would like to pursue a career in Engineering, Math, or Science
13 male, 11 female
16 female, 8 male
Grade 9- 9 employees

Grade 10- 5 employees

Grade 11- 5 employees

Grade 12- 18 employees
Caucasian- 24 employees

Asian- 5 employees

African American- 3 employees

Indian- 3 employees

Persian- 2 employees

Slovakian - 1 employee
Team Owners ~ Todd Romoff and Fawn Brown

Chief Executive Officer ~ Amelia Grayson

Chief Operating Officer ~ Jacob Buring

Head of Engineering ~ Eric Zimmerman

Head of Programming ~ Carter Blalack

Heads of Marketing ~ Avery Dargie and Marisa Rozzi

Head of Booth ~ Ben Woods

Chief Editor of Notebook ~ Leah Eisenberg
Lynx Robotics is based upon the mutual trust we have for each other. When working with a team that has been together for years, the first day isn't one of introductions- it's one of welcoming back the veterans and inviting in the new to our unique way of working. An innate sense of trust is key to our company: every employee knows they have each worker at the company backing them up. When no one is afraid of failing, they have the courage to create without limits.
All 25 of our employees participate in our democratic decision making.
Before beginning construction of our robot, our team brainstormed strategies that would simply and efficiently score the most points. We formulated a strategy to provide the customer with the maximum possible satisfaction. Our robot will grab the solar panel, ascend the pole, activate the summit switch, and place the solar panel on the rack. Next it will secure the empty fuel capsule and descend the pole to place the empty fuel capsule in the cup. From there we plan to grab the full fuel capsule, climb the pole, and attach the full fuel bottle to the rack. To score final bonus points, we will then descend the pole and wait until the round ends.
Abigail Grayson - Afif Showkat - Alex Stanton - Amanda Dominguez - Angela Hurlow - Anita Pershad - Arianna Amini - Armand Amini - Avery Dargie - Ben Woods - Carter Blalack - Clair Caldwell - Clay Posey - Ethan Fox - Faith Brown - Filip Talac - Holly Moore-McMiller - Josh McMillin - Josh Pae - JW Mutin - Katie Fleet - Laura Grisoni - Leah Sherman - Lucas Teixeira - Mai Campbell-Nowlin - Maria Xie - Matthew Johnson - Norman Nicholls - Paulina Ke - Prashanth Raj - Rhodes Miner - Savannah Woods - Tony Chen
Our Workforce
37% of our employees come from a diverse ethnic background
Web Presence
spreading the word (BEST)
creating our name and our image
updating the fans
An integral aspect of our team is the process we use for brainstorming and improving our product. For the first several days after kickoff, we brainstorm and record a collection of design ideas; no ideas are eliminated during this initial phase. The group then reviews the options, determines which ideas to use in our final design, and creates a CAD drawing of the robot. Subsequent meetings are spent building—literally and conceptually—upon the original design. Many changes are made, and collaboration is key; different perspectives and ideas allow for more creativity and better designs. For the Warp XX project some major changes included the transition from a winch to wheels to a gear as our means of climbing the pole. We also modified our arm to use a telescoping mechanism rather than the originally-planned folding arm. Through continuous changes and innovations we ensure our robot utilizes the newest and most effective technology.
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