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Dean Ambrose

No description

gabrielle valenzuela

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose
Moxley's promos
During his wrestling promos he can be a little crazy like he said,I'm ice cold,I like a girl with some class,I never sleep from hand full of pills. That people would think is really he's telling his rivals want to fight.

But his promos can be personal,tag-team partner,or with a girl that he likes or dislikes to talking about from he to tell anyone that can blocked his path.
Death matches
United States Champion
Believed in the shield
Moxley's final match
Today,he's still wrestled,held the United States title belt,and getting along with his shield brethren form the past few months everyone thinks he's being a mad-man that beating anyone in the ring but have a sweet-sedative side. Like he said in a interview,'Watch wrestling cause,wrestling is fun!'

Moxley to Ambrose
Started in ohio
Making the career
After being in Cambat.Zone.Wrestling in 2006 to 2010 he want to the best in the world.In 2011,he debut in Florida.Championship.Wrestling fighting his appoints and want to be a better compered than is own shield partners Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to be champion.

During the WWE,he changes with an new attitude at n.x.t. The shield to be the most powerful group.

Indy wrestling
He wrestled in many matches like a tag-team,singles, or an death-street fight for any title that he fought for his career.

Anyone can hated or loved him for the way he is from being crazy,pyshco,or being drunk before a fight from he felt.Being a tough kid from Ohio,to an athletic guy in the ring wanted to be the best than anyone.
When Jon is prepared for a fight for his live that everyone would talking about to a single fight but anyone want to see a blood bath.

Many people saw him get his head cut by an electical saw and bleed all overbut later survied the match.

Many saw him with bar-wire,thumb-tacks,tables,chairs,and any weapon that he can handle to win of the matches.
Also known as Jon Moxely wrestled for 9 years.

Trying to be the best that what he is in his early Indi wrestling to WWE superstar and United States Champion.

Since he was a kid,he got pick on. He said that he's a loner for the rest of his life.

Born on Dec7,1985 live in Sanity,Ohio he wanted to be a wrestler since he was little.

He kept struggled from his family. His mom taken away by drugs,his dad taken away by cops,and his little cousin taken away by social workers from not take care for in his life.

Many of his fans want to see and performed for his career from the way he wrestled.

If anyone want to be like him from he act in the ring or outside to he want to be someday.

Dean Ambrose can be the greatest wrestler from 19 yrs.old to 28 yrs.old when people be enjoy the match.

From the skills,athletic,and the way he was in hard-care wrestling to pro-wrestling that people want to see inside or outside the ring from the struggled to be a professional wrestler.

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