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S&S Air, Inc.

No description

osman makhdoom

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of S&S Air, Inc.

S&S Air, Inc. Backround Info
Founded by Mark Sexton and Todd Story
manufactures and sells personal aircrafts
Objective: Using the Financial statements provided, calculate different ratios, find the best Aspirant company, and create competitive analysis by comparing ratios.

S&S Ratio Calculations
Best Aspirant Company
Boeing: not a good aspirant company
caters to a different market.
Boeing manufactures large, commercial aircraft.
Cessna Aircraft Company: Best aspirant company
privately owned
cater the same market as S&S; the personal aircraft market.
Real World Benefits of Ratios
Making investments
comparing investment
S&S Air, Inc.
Competitive Analysis
Short Term Solvency Ratios
lower than the median
less liqiud than the industry

Turnover Ratios
Much higher than the industry
More efficient than the industry or less inventory

Long Term Solvency Ratios
Below the median
less debt than most of the industry

Competitive Analysis
Profitability Ratios
around the median of the industry
slim Profit margin, but higher ROA and ROE
Overall Performance
Fairly good Performance
although a closer look at the inventory is needed
Inventory to Current Liabilities Ratio
Inventory higher than industry medium
Current Liabilities around industry medium
Ergo ratio is higer than the industry medium

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