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Freya: Norse Goddess

No description

Kelly Dunsmore

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Freya: Norse Goddess

Freya: Norse Goddess Freya is the norse goddess best known for love and magic. However, she is also known as the goddess of war, wealth, beauty, and fertility. She was also a valkeryie and claimed the souls of the bravest warriors and took them back to her home for eternal afterlife.
Freya was a kind goddess and was loved by all. She was married to the god, Od, but she had many other lovers. She owned a necklace made by the dwarves, called Brisingamen. Even though she had many lovers Freya loved her husband very much. Soon after they were married Od disappeared. Freya went and searched for him but found out he had been banished and turned into a sea monster. However, Freya stayed by him and loved him. When someone killed him he was admitted into Valhalla and Freya always visited him.

Freya is also known for her magic. She taught Odin Seidr and was able to shape shift and perform spells. She is also associated with other forms of divination.
Freya was called upon whenever someone needed love to be brought back into their live or needed help with a spell. Freya is the goddess that is supposed to remind us all to embrace all of our emotions and desires, even those we do not wish to have. Works Cited
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