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Who were the Vikings, what did they do and what effect did their actions have on Europe?

Dillon Jones

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of Vikings

The Vikings were bold and successful invaders!
Who were the Vikings?
They came from Scandinavia.
They invaded Europe.
They came for loot at first.
Later they came for new lands to settle in.
The weather was too cold in Scandinavia.
Europe had a more mild climate.
Their favorite places to raid were Britain and Gaul.
How did the invasions effect Europe?
What did the Vikings do?
Where did the Vikings come from?
Why did they want to invade?
Because the government was unable to protect people from the Vikings, local nobles took over. The result was a system of feudalism.
Kings and Queens
How come they were succesful?
The long-ship is characterized as a graceful, long, narrow, light wooden boat with a shallow draft hull designed for speed. The ship's shallow draft allowed navigation in waters only one meter deep and permitted beach landings, while its light weight enabled it to be carried over portages. Longships were also double-ended, the symmetrical bow and stern allowing the ship to reverse direction quickly, without having to turn around. Longships were fitted with oars along almost the entire length of the boat itself. Later versions sported a rectangular sail on a single mast which was used to replace or augment the effort of the rowers, particularly during long journeys.
Harrison, Mark. The Vikings: Voyagers of Discovery and Plunder (General Military). Oxford: Osprey Publishing, 2006. Print.
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