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Social Reconstructionism

No description

andre bradley

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Social Reconstructionism

What is Social Reconstruction ism Social Reconstructionism Theodore Brameld (1904-1987) An early proponent of Progressive Education
Credited for influencing the theory of; Critical Pedagogy.
Wrote 29 books and dozens of papers about education.
Head of the American Federation of Teachers.
"Dare the School Build a New Social Order" was his most notable work.
Schools should equip students to deal with real world problems. Poverty and hunger severely affected ability to learn
Education is key to empowerment
"Pedagogy of the Oppressed" most noteable work
Education should allow the oppressed to regain their sense of humanity
Banking Model of Education Changing Society Through Education A belief that education should be used to bring about social change. It calls on schools to educate students in ways that will move society beyond all forms of discrimination. It also addresses topics that are generally relegated to the null curriculum. Considered the founder
Democracy was the core of philosophy
Education has two major roles: to transmit culture and modify culture.
Wrote 16 books focused on social change through the classroom.
Started a graduate school at the University of Minnesota. George Counts (1907-1974) Paulo Friere (1921-1997) References Powell, S. (2009). Your introduction to education explorations in teaching.
(2nd ed., pp. 223-224). Boston: Pearson Education, Inc. Thomas, T. P. (1999). The Difficulties and Successes of Reconstructionist Practice: Theodore Brameld and The Floodwood Project. Journal Of Curriculum And Supervision, 14(3), 260-82. Tadahalu (2008, June 8) Social Reconstruction. March 20, 2013, from www.youtube.com
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