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Phonics Lesson

No description

Danielle Wade

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Phonics Lesson

Phonics Lesson Grammar Check Word Building Ms. Wade's Classroom Antonyms Hot



Good Compound Words Night



Old Grade: 1 Lamp Post Hot Dog Basket Ball Directions:
Match the words that mean the opposite of each other. Example: Light is to Dark. Antonyms Directions: Combine the first two bubbles to make a new word.
Example: Hand + Bag = Handbag Directions:
Correct the sentences that use poor grammar. Directions: They am running fast.

I is tired.

I like this song.

We was playing tag.

She is watching TV. When you add the letters –ing to the end of a word, you remove the letter –e.

Change the words listed into words ending in -ing. Move + ing =

Save + ing =

Bake + ing =

Make + ing =

Dance + ing = Correct Answers Grammar Check:
1. They are running fast.
2. I am tired.
3. I like this song.
4. We were playing tag.
5. He is watching TV. Word Building:
1. Moving
2. Saving
3. Baking
4. Making
5. Dancing Antonyms:
1. Hot -- Cold
2. New -- Old
3. Day -- Night
4. Good -- Bad Compound Words:
1. Lamppost
2. Hotdog
3. Basketball
4. Cupcake
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