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Beanpole's Diary

No description

Esther Y

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Beanpole's Diary

Beanpole's Diary
My Past
English-speaking Mother (Annabelle Scott), French-speaking Father (Michel Chevalier)
Parents ran away to have a forbidden marriage-taught each other their own languages
Father left when Mother became pregnant and went back to family, and taught his sister, Mariette, English. Later, he was kicked out for dishonoring them
Mother was poor and had nowhere to have Her baby-went to Aunt Mariette's tavern.
After my birth, Mother was forced to work in the tavern to pay Aunt Mariette back
Mother committed suicide when I was aged 7, and left a suicide note written in English which only Aunt Mariette could read.
I learned English to try to read her suicide note, using an English guidebook I found in The Attic
Read suicide note; no mention of my name
Found a note from Mother to Father hidden in the spine of The Book (English Guidebook)
Found Mother's Diary, which I am using to record my own story
My Recovery
Found interests to replace my anger and grief:
English Language (English Guidebook)
Inventing - made gadgets to make my life easier
Planned to escape from tavern before Capping -began to devise plans of escape before I met Will and Henry
The TRUE story of what happened
+ a bit of my past

Upon Our arrival to the White Mountains:
All three of us revealed an object we had been hiding throughout the journey (Henry-a bottle of extremely strong wine, Will-a vial of mysterious liquid, and I-an unused egg which I had carefully hidden my entire journey).
A friend of Will, a man named Ozymandias comes to visit in the White Mountains, bearing frightening news; he has found a lair of Tripods under the Shmand-Fair of the White Mountains.
Henry and Ozymandias create an entrance into the Lair from the Shmand-Fair
Will and I work to make eggs and fill them with alcohol, the weakness of the Tripods
Ozymandias gets the Shmand-Fair operator drunk with Henry's wine
We enter the hole Henry and Ozymandias made and battle the metal monsters
The Result of the Battle:
Explaining the Unexplained
Tripods are controlled by strange alien life forms. -Ozymandias had killed one and had been learning how to control one -Almost killed crew of The Orion
Will's vial of mysterious liquid-taken from the inside of the Tripod he killed-Alien inside was dead from the explosion -Is the cure for the effects that alcohol have on the Tripods (fatal)
Dead Tripod sends off emergency flare before he is killed, attracting the attention of nearby Tripods including the one Ozymandias is in
Tripods find that antidote to poison has been stolen-sends couples of Tripods to send a message of the stealth
Ozymandias had been following his partner Tripod to the White Mountains-two tripods that ignored them
Ozymandias finds secret Tripod Lair underneath the White Mountains
Henry loses his goggles (eye protection) and loses his eyesight
Will dies in the battle
Half of the Tripods are killed, half run to the next nearest underground Tripods Lair
Ozymandias and I work to fill the Lair with alcohol, and finish by the time Ozymandias's life has come to an end
I inherit Ozymandias's house (Oz had no children of his own) and have made it into a workshop; I invent new weapons and gadgets to use against the Tripods in case there is another attack
A device with which
one can capture a
Increases volume
of the speaker
Can receive calls from
anywhere in the world
Form of entertainment?
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