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Mulcahy Middle School UFG Project

No description

Tara Houston

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Mulcahy Middle School UFG Project

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Children Get Cancer TOO!
There are 12 types of childhood cancers
46 children are diagnosed with cancer everyday.
Currently, less than 5% of money raised for cancer research
benefits childhood cancers.
Harper Houston and Valley Children's Hospital
Last year, Mrs. Houston shared Harper's story and Harper's cancer was gone!
This summer, Harper's cancer came back. She is currently receiving chemo before having surgery again to remove her tumor.
Harper has been happy and healthy and loves all of the support she gets from her doctors and nurses at Valley Children's Hospital!
There are many kids at Valley Children's that need our support and well wishes as they receive their treatments as well as doctors and nurses to thank!
How Can I Help???
United for Good Project

Mulcahy Middle School Supports
What can we do UNITED to
change these statistics for GOOD?
$10 for a shirt
$2 for a bracelet
More Information...
$20 for a shirt, bracelet and gift to Valley Children's
(Examples of gifts are: shirts for patients, nurses, blankets and toys for patients)
Fight Song Video
We will start selling this
before school, at break and at lunch.
Don't forget your money!
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