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Career Research Project

Food Scientist and Biophysicist

Nicole Flowerhill

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Career Research Project

STEM, Food Science and Biophysics Nicole Flowerhill STEM: Career Cluster Food Scientist Physicist (Biophysicist) Deals with nutrition, quality, processing,
packaging, and safety of food (Food Science:
Job Description par. 1-2)

Basically, a food scientist studies the science
of food Involves the processes and how matter
and energy are put into function in the
human body
(Biochemists and Biophysicists par.1) Includes a vast amount of careers, ranging from design and construction to data analysis and experiments that are included in the STEM field. To prepare when young: Partaking in clubs such as Math
League, Science Olympiad and
other related clubs are helpful in
preparing for this career cluster
(Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Mathematics par. 5) Personality Traits: -Problem solver
-Detail Oriented
and most importantly,
incredibly interested in Math and Science
(Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Mathematics par. 1)
Even simply researching science
articles on new research and
discoveries in the world can help
prepare for the STEM career cluster. The two careers chosen from the
STEM career cluster were:

-Food Scientist

-Physicist Traits for the job: Able to work well independently
and with others

Able to research, experiment, and analyze

Able to present research thoroughly,
and excellent with numbers
(Food Scientist: Job Description par. 7) I would need at least a bachelor's degree
in Food Science,Nutrition, Chemistry or another subject along those lines
(Food Scientist: Job Description par. 5) Amount of Education: Interest in Food Science: One of my Science Olympiad events,
Food Science, has definitely intrigued me
to the extent that it could be one of the
careers I choose as an adult. Outlook: For Food Science, it is only about
7.9%, so the job will not grow quite
as much as it should.
(Food Scientists par. 2) Salary: Also, the salary is about
$34.56 per hour (72,000 year),
which does not give enough for me
to live in a lifestyle that I want.
(Food Scientists par. 2) However, Food Science
interests me so much
that I know I would enjoy
working a lot, and I feel
that is most important. What I would have to do: Be able to research, analyze, update, process,
and record new information, as well as conduct
various experiments on cells
(Biochemists and Biophysicists par. 2) Although it seems a little tedious,
I shall find fascination in delving deeper in
deducing information. Education: A doctorate in biophysics is typical
to become a biophysicist, and I would
prefer to go to an Ivy League School.
(Physicists par. 4) Outlook: Again, the national outlook is quite low, at
14.2%. However, the salary is quite high, with
at least $70.00 an hour (164,000 per year).
(Physicists par. 2) Overall, I enjoy both
Food Science and
Biophysics, and it will
be a hard decision for me
when the time comes for
me to choose between one
or the other. Thank
You. Works Cited "Biochemists and Biophysicists." MyMajors.
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