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Stone Fox

No description

Bobby Roxborough

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Stone Fox

The characters are Grandfather, Little Willy and Searchlight. The theme is friendship and love.
Friendship between Little Willy and Searchlight was really deep because Searchlight helped Little Willy at every step it's every step because Searchlight help Little Willy to win the sled race. Love between Little Willy and Grandfather. Stone Fox One day Grandfather was sick.
Little Willy goes to find the reason why Grandfather got sick. Little Willy tried so many things but Grandfather never got out of the bed. One day Little Willy found a strong box with a note inside which he never bother to read. One day a man told Little
Willy that his Grandfather
never payed his taxes 500$
and that was the reason
why Grandfather got sick. Little Willy gave his collage money to the mayor to enter the race so he can pay the taxes to keep the farm and so grandfather could feel better untill he won the race.
He won the race but something happened Searchlight's heart exploded when she was 15 meters away from the finish line. Stone Fox stoped and helped
Little Willy to win the race he told every one not to cross the line or he will shoot them, he made a line on the ground. He picked up Little Willy and Searchlight and carryed them to the finish line. This is the farm of Little Willy's Grandfather
Presentation by: Robert and Sabby!
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