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"The Good Deed"

No description

Kelsey Ort

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of "The Good Deed"

"The Good Deed"
by: Pearl S. Buck Exposition :
Mr. Pan brings his mother Old Mrs. Pan from China to New York to live with him because her village in China is attacked.
Old Mrs. Pan is scared, lonely, bored, etc. living in this new world because of many circumstances. Old Mrs. Pan speaks with old Mr. Lim
Both agree Lili and Mr. Lim should marry
Arrange a time for a date
Happy and satisfied with the outcome Lili comes back to speak with Mrs. Pan
Old Mrs. Pan takes Lili to "buy bowls"
Lili and Mr. Lim are introduced
Plan a date Old Mrs. Pan tells Mr. Lim about Lili
Says she is too "ugly" to ever marry
Needs an arranged marriage
Old Mrs. Pan plans to have the two meet Old Mrs. Pan watches out bedroom window
Spots a man she feels to be suitable - Mr. Lim
Talks grandson into walking her across street
Old Mrs. Pan and Mr. Lim are introduced Old Mrs. Pan decides on arranging marriage
Begins search for man Lili Yang is unmarried
Unheard of in Chinese culture
Old Mrs. Pan is on the case Son notices uneasiness
Introduces her to Lili Yang Characterization - the act of creating and
developing a character direct characterization - the author
directly states a character's traits indirect characterization - author shows
a character's personality through his or
her actions, thoughts, feelings, words,
appearances, and other character's
observations. Old Mrs. Pan- "She felt lonely and
there was no one who understood
the things she felt, and she was
quite useless." ~ page 342

"Yes, she grieved in the secret places
of her heart..." ~ page 345

"Lili saw with pleasure that the old lady's
cheeks were faintly pink and that her large
beautiful eyes were beginning to shine and
glow." ~ page 343

"...he saw at once that she was changed." ~page 347 Young Mrs. Pan- "At the same time, though
she was so foreign, she was very kind to the
old lady, and she spoke to her always in a
gentle voice, however she might shout at the children,
who were often disobedient." ~ page 342 Mr. Lim- "he was very pleasant; his rather
large face was shining with kindness and he laughed easily.
...she was glad to notice that he was not too handsome; his
nose and mouth were big, and he had big hands and feet." ~ page 350 Lili Yang- "She was a decent, plain,
good girl and, left to herself, Mrs. Pan could
predict nothing at all would happen. She would
wither away like a dying flower." ~ page 345

"She was the sort of girl, Mrs. Pan could see, who
would make an excellent wife and a good mother, but
certainly she was one for whom a marriage must be
arranged." ~ page 345 Old Mrs. Pan- "Old Mrs. Pan
would not agree to this. She shook
her head with decision." ~ page 344 Mr. Pan - "Mr. Pan did not have the
heart to tell his mother that he and
his wife Sophia had fallen in love first,
and then, out of kindness to their elders,
had allowed the marriage to be arranged
for them as though they were not in love,
and as though, indeed, they did not know
each other...they considered their elders." ~page 346 Old Mr. Lim - "He was a tall, withered man,
and he wore a small beard under his chin."
~ page 352

"You see my respectable father..." ~page 353 static character - does not change
throughout the story dynamic character - develops and grows
throughout the story Point of View: 3rd person omniscient
The narrator is all-knowing.

The feelings and thoughts of all the characters are revealed. It is clear how every action is affecting every character in a different way. Themes -
* The definition of beauty
differs for everyone.
* First impressions mean a lot,
but don't judge people solely on
these impressions.
* A good deed benefits everyone
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