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Black Death

The Black Death was the first pandemic in China.

Do Hee Lee

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Black Death

Black Death When did it happen? The Black Death, the first pandemic in China, started in approximately 1347 until 1351. How did it spread to another places? This pandemic was started in fleas which infected rats that passed it on to humans and to many communities, causing death. How it looks The people who got infected by the Black Death caught a high fever, delirium, muscular pain, and bleeding lungs. Because of the Black Death, the religion got weaker, in society nobles died and peasants got stronger, and the economy declined. Christianity became so weak, because lots of priests passed away as a result of the Black Death, causing Christians to believe that the BlaCK Death was God's punishment. Muslims believed God did not want them to go any land that had the plague. Peasants moved into the Nobles' castles after the noble all died. Before the peasants were really poor, but now the peasants have control. In Egypt, almost the entire army died from the plague. In the 16th century, Egypt's army was weak because of the Black Death, so they lost against the Ottoman Empire. Losts and lots of people died, so not many people worked on farms, and causing prices for food become higher. It was a fatal pademic that shook the world
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