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The Fast Food Effects

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Alyssa Talbot

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of The Fast Food Effects

The Fast Food Effect Now that we've told you why
you shouldn't eat fast food, there are
other things you must know. In conclusion, we hope that
this presentation has made
you aware of the harms of
fast food and that you will
feel a little guilt the next time
you go to buy fast food. By Alyssa Talbot & Jena Rinaldi Out of these two people,
which one do YOU think eats
FAST FOOD. This one? Or this one? Were you correct? Would you like some fun facts with your happy meal? Now for the reasons behind our prezi... Our fellow students should greatly cut back on their consumption of fast food. Do you know what you're really eating? Most are not natural foods To sterilize foods, radiation or chemical preservatives are used. Foods are treated with growth hormones Lots of preservatives 12 year old hamburger,
doesn't it look delicious? They do this to cut down on cost,
fast food businesses go halfway with the quality
of their foods. Are places like Panera, Chiptole and Qdoba fast food? Yes! You may think... The addiction of fast food According to a magazine called Maclean, studies with rats show that chemicals in the brain react to high calorie foods as they would react with heroin or cocaine. The cattle that make up the meat we eat are actually systematically bred;
this is done to produce a more seductive and alluring steak, as researched
by Knight Ridder. When one of the lower substances on the pyramid, fast food, no longer continue giving the same satisfying effect addicts move up the pyramid to more dangerous substances that provide a bigger high. (alcohol/drugs) It can create a dependence on unhealthy food Another point Ridder found was that the principle protein in high fat foods like cheese, casein, breaks apart into an addictive morphine-like compounds called casomorphins. These compounds are responsible for the mother infant bond during breast feeding. The more you eat these sugary foods,
the more you crave it, same goes when you dont eat it- you crave it less Fast food affects the brain &
your academic performance For decades restaurants have been increasing serving sizes. These serving sizes are over 3x what you should eat They can cause colon cancer & digestive issues You would have to walk 7 hours straight to burn off a Large Coke, fries & Big Mac Often people have reported finding strands of hair and flies in their food- what about the ones you haven't found and are in your stomach as we speak? Hamburgers are made from strips of beef from different cattle from different regions which leads to an increased risk of contamination. One sick cow can make hundreds of people sick from different areas of the country. Panera Chipotle Although occasionally they
can provide healthier alternatives,
many menu items are just as unhealthy or more so Some claim that eating fast food saves money because teenagers don’t have much money. Buy and make foods in bulk (soups/chili and other things that can be frozen). It will ultimately cost less than spending money on fast food each day. You may think that fast food saves time, but planning meals beforehand can be quicker and healthier. You can have something ready to eat instead of giving in to temptation for the “easy way out”. If you always just want to pick up food: Hunger is sometimes confused as dehydration, so bringing around a water can curb “hunger” According to Brownlee diets high in calories generates free radicals (negatively charged particles) that cause oxidation damage in cells of the nervous system. The rats also had smaller amounts of the proteins associated with learning and the memory. This shows that having an unhealthy diet, such as the high fat and sugars of fast food can cause an adverse effect on memory, one’s ability to learn and the brain's synapses. An experiment conducted by Gomez-Pinilla found the effects of an unhealthy diet. He experimented with rats and found that the ones on a standard diet learned a water-maze task faster than rats on a high fat and sugar diet (HFS). A year later they found that the latter had much less BDNF as the mice on a healthy diet. BDNF encourages nerve cell growth and the making of new connections in the brain. Scientists understand that proper nutrients have the ability to diffuse stress, enhance one’s memory and increase concentration, all good for the honors student Trans fats (in almost every McDonald's burger) compromise blood flow to the brain and replace the healthy fats in the brain with the “biochemically-altered” ones according to Dr. Sears Finally, fatty foods have been linked with both depression and aggression (Farrell-Kingsley) Healthy Alternatives Many fruits also have a sweet taste that is an
alternative to sugary fast foods. Granola bars & power bars Frozen yogurt has a sweet taste and a sugar substitute that mimics the taste of real sugar. Wide variety of flavors Popcorn and rice cakes
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