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Amanda Sam

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Portfolio

My Portfolio
The Solution
By:Amanda Sam
In my portfolio for the CE portion, I will be explaining about characters and a character in the bible and how he or she is related to my life. Also how the they were able to overcome their hardship, and how it is related to me. I will also explain and talk about how my faith and religion grew with every class in CE, from September to our current day now. Not only that i will also be talking how I have served my community and how it benefits me and also my community.
Old Testament

Moses escaped death when he was a newborn and was a man chosen from God to help free the Israelites from Egypt where they were kept as slaves. In order to free the Israelites Moses had to perform 10 miracles and part the Red Sea in order to be free from the Egyptians. As time passed as they wondered through the dessert, Moses began to become very impatient which lead to him saying many unwanted words which the Lord would have not approved. The Lord saw this and when Moses arrived at Mount Sinai, he climbed to the top to receive the ten commandments from God himself. Not only that, they began to lose faith in God as time pasted. Throughout his whole life his challenge was to keep his faith in God because God was putting him through the impossible and yet he made it possible but Moses faith still wavered.
To overcome their sins and repent, they were held back and had to wonder through the dessert for 40 years and also so the old age would die off. When the time to came to and they were at the promise land Moses and his brother Aaron could not enter due to their sins. Moses who finally understood that he wouldn't be able to go in accepted that and found a new man to lead the people to the promised land.
This ties into my life because at times I question my faith and doubt it due to many things i don't know and see. This happens a lot frequently when bad things happen such as a family member who passes away, at these times no doubt we question God. However in the end we understand why God has come to claim them as we repent from questioning God and being led astray from him.
Our Faith
Growing in faith to me means that as each day passes we slowly inch closer to God where he is ready to wrap his arms around us. Growing in faith means that we are getting closer to God, more faith in God and that were happier with God. However along the road as we grow there will be obstacles in our way.
~Temptation, one of the biggest problems and sins.
~Lack of motivation to learn and keep practicing the faith.
~Society may frown upon some actions done by us for our faith.
~Being judged by others.

Ways that i have grown in faith are through:
~Class Discussion
-When we talk about the bible and other areas touching CE
~Watching Movies
-When we watch movies about the old testament (I.e. Moses, Jacob and Esau, David)
~Sunday Masses
-When the priest tells the story of the gospel and explains it, so we can understand and apply it to our own lives.
As I grow closer to faith either it be present time or future, every time as I inch closer to God I feel like slowly, the goal of obtaining eternal life with God is within reach and that God is everywhere and anywhere always there for me as I am for believing in him.
Community Service
Community service is basically everyone in the community, either child or adult, they are helping out with cleaning up, organizing certain fairs or organizations in the community. A service means without being paid so everyone that helps is doing it from their own free will and good deed. Not only this, is helps strengthen the bonds between people, helps with economic purposes, more fun and laughter with people and a cleaner, healthier community is a even better place to be.
Community service doesn't just benefit the community, it helps benefit each and everyone of the people helping out. It benefits me as well. From doing service to my community, i earn leadership skills, have fun with new people, am doing a random act of kindness, helping out my community and also strengthening my bond with others as well.
Current Events
Ontario Premier Fires Back At Flaherty Over National Transit
Author: Adrian Morrow
Source: Toronto-The Globe and Mail
Published Friday May 31st, 2013

The province is pushing forward to a continuous-building approach to transit. Every year there is money put aside for to construct a master-planned network. The Ontario transit agency Metrolinx put forward a series of proposal to fund approximately 34 billion dollars to expand transit in the GTHA at Toronto. This would help improve government in the long term with its citizens and also improve the economically. However, some residents in the GTHA will not have to pay for transit expansion. There left only 2 options, either the Queen's Park would hike the HST province wide and dedicate its money raised outside the Toronto area to projects in other regions. (I.e. roads and bridges in the north) Or it could try to renegotiate its tax with Ottawa to put in special sales tax in the GTHA only. Mr. Flaherty objects to this and shuts down that second possibility.

If Mr. Flaherty didn't object to the second option they're could have improved government and economic problems as well as even though it may upset some people about the special sales tax, but in the long run it will have many people happy and glad they have the transit expansion. Similar to the Roman emporer who instead of objecting did follow through on his plans to make buildins, however they satisfied the people only for a short amount of time.

Lake Ontario
I've selected two paragraphs, one from November 2012 and one from April 2013. I will be talking about them and comparing and also talking about how I have improved from then till now.
Over the months I have noticed that I have strengthened my vocabulary and writing skills. From one of my first paragraphs as you have seen, I could barely make a clear statement to show which was the topic sentence and conclusion. Not only that I had only some transitions and minimum information to support my concrete details and commentaries. However as months past by as I've been practicing, we had an assignment. The persuasive speech essay, remembering my mistakes in the past I made sure not to make the same mistakes as before. Looking at my rubric for my speech, I can say that I have improved quite a lot looking back. My points either it be for topic sentence, concrete details, commentaries and conclusion are somewhat clearly stated, I have smoother transitions, more information to back up my concrete details, good introduction and finally a conclusion where as before I didn't even have a conclusion. I am also exploring more complex words to use in my writing to help improve. Remembering back then to now I have changed my writing quite a bit.

However that doesn't mean I am good as I am now currently. I still have my strengths which seems to be my spelling and grammar, which I still am improving, use of appropriate words for each paragraph and sentence, and also the amount of detail I put into each sentence that makes up a paragraph. Of course I also have my weaknesses which I have carefully looked and examined. It seems to be that even though i have a good use of words, I have a difficult time making a statement. This statement that I have the most trouble with is usually my conclusion, also I seem to have a habit of repeating words and sentences which makes a paragraph boring. Yet, because of my marks and comments I have been receiving, I know I have improved as my marks show and the effort shone in my paragraphs such as the conclusions.
~Mr. Pepe for being such an awesome teacher!
~Classmates for having a fun first year!
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