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SWOT Analysis Of Intel

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Syed Zuhdi

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis Of Intel

SWOT analysis is a commonly used technique through which managers form a quick overview of a company's strategic position.
The technique is based on assumption that an effective strategy derives from the state between a company's internal resources (strengths & weaknesses) and its external situation (opportunities & threats).
A good state maximizes a company's strengths and opportunities and minimizes its weaknesses and threats.
Introduction - SWOT
Intel Corporation is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world.
It is an American global technology company founded in 1968 by Gordon E. Moore and Robert Noyce.
The company's product line includes network interface controller, motherboard chipsets and integrated circuits, flash memory, graphics chips and embedded processor.
107,600 employees worldwide (at end 2014).
Intel has a strong market position in the semiconductor industry, which enhances its brand image.
However, intense competition in all its market segment could reduce the company's market share and profitability.
Introduction - Intel Corporation
4.By the end of the 2006, Intel restructured the company and resulted in the dismissal of 10,500 employees.

5.Retail prices are higher compared to competitors.

6.Major weakness is downside trends of PC sales in the recent years.
W - Weaknesses (continue...)
Largest Market and Value.
Acceptance by the Market.
Largest share around the world.
Most of computer installed with x86 microprocessor and almost every brand which makes computer is using Intel product.
Every product is valuable & usable.
Fact: Since 1990 Intel become the world largest and reliable supplier to the PC business.
Fact: The success of Intel Quark SoC family product.
Fact: Proved in Financial Report 2005-2014.
Fact: Intel is a top leading in Stock Details in 03 April 2015.

S - Strengths
SWOT Analysis Of Intel
Syed Zuhdi Syed Salim (813712)
Mohd Nur Faiz bin Abd Razak (817916)

Fact: The success of Intel Quark SoC family product.
S - Strengths (continue...)
W - Weaknesses
1.Intel has been accused of using divisive strategies in defense of its market position against its competitors.
June 2005 - Antitrust lawsuit AMD vs Intel
2009 - Intel Corp. was paying Advanced Micro Devices Inc. $1.25 billion to squash a legal battle over Intel's sales tactics

2.Since 2000, Intel could not maintain the position as the dominant supplier of microprocessor in the industry.

3.The company faced decreasing revenue in financial year 2008.

Intel should keep customer as they are first preference and make changes on regular basis to meet the needs of their users.
Market penetration and product development will be more than useful if Intel focus on their existing market.
Related diversification would prove to be a huge success for Intel if they focus on cellular or broadband portion.
Intel can reduce their production cost by opting for forward and backward integration. It will not only reduce costs but will also result in better quality.
Intel should make a partnership with some of other brand to make sure Intel rule the market in every possible way.
Evidence: Intel aware AMD is one of the BIGGEST competitor and that is why Intel keep moving forward and the result where Intel gain the market share of 80% (+/-) and put Intel as as competitive advantage.

O- Opportunities
1.Mobile and Smartphone chips like ARM may destruct Intel PC business.
- ARM chips have a simply infrastructure that uses less energy than traditional processors, like those produced by Intel. Energy usage is a major factor in mobile devices, because once the battery runs out, the mobile device stops working.

2.Google is planning to make its own ARM-based processor for its server farms and Facebook is also currently working on making its own vast server system ARM-compliant.

T - Threats
3.The company is facing strong competition to sustain its market share.
Texas Instruments
IBM (Power8)

4.The fast development of cell phones and other mobile gadgets can perform the same tasks as PCs and is having a major negative impact on the PCs market.
T - Threats (continue...)
Introduction - Intel Corporation
Business Strategy:
Design and Manufacture Advance Integrated Digital Technology Platform.
Sell Intel platform primarily to:
OEM, Original Equipment Manufactures.
ODM, Original Design Manufactures.
ICEM, Industrial and Communications Equipment Manufactures.

Utilize the power of Moore’s Law to bring smart, connected devices to every person on earth.

If it is smart and connected, it is the best with Intel.

Introduction - Intel Corporation
Introduction - Intel Corporation
Infrastructure 2014:
Infrastructure 2013:
Introduction - Intel Corporation
Personal Computer (PC)
Convertible System
Automated Factory System
Medical Devices
NUC and etc.
Also focus on software (McAfee), Services, and Non-Volatile memory solution.

Introduction - Intel Corporation
Loyal Customer
Apple Inc.
BMW and etc.

BIGGEST Competitor:
ACTS, Action Semiconductor Co. Ltd.
AMD, Advanced MicroDevices Inc.
API, Advanced Photonix,Inc.

Peter Dice, Software Architect from Intel said in the Interview for Intel Quark ™ SoC X1000 Series – Embedded World 2014:

“This product is a part of a roadmap of innovative Intel ® architecture-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices. This product bring Intel to the edge of the IoT. This product get started to implement with the Intel Galileo Board”.


S - Strengths (continue...)
Fact: Proved in Financial Report 2005-2014.
S - Strengths (continue...)
Fact: Intel is a top leading in Stock Details in 03 April 2015.
S - Strengths (continue...)
Research & Development.
Highest in invest on R&D.
R&D played a very crucial role in the success of Intel brand value.
R&D is develop product, improve product, and doing special innovation.
Fact: In 2015+ R&D in process of research new innovation for the next decade of computing.*
Fact: Intel, the highest spending for R&D for 2013-2014.

S - Strengths (continue...)
Fact: In 2015+ R&D in process of research new innovation for the next decade of computing.
Fact: Intel, the highest spending for R&D for 2013-2014.
R&D expenditures were $11.5 B in 2014

S - Strengths (continue...)
In-House manufacturing! Advantage:
Streamlined the process of production.
Shortened it’s time to market.
Scaled new products more rapidly.
Save costs of new product.
Compare to competitor which rely to 3rd party foundries & subcontractor such as Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing, Global Foundries.

Evidence based from “Intel Investor Meeting 2014”: Since 2003 Intel manufacturing top leading for Intel Transistor among the competitor.
S - Strengths (continue...)
Largest Loyal Base Customer.
Easier for the new product to be accepted by the market.
Intel product always value and capable to customer.
Intel always design and develop next generation product based and meet customer needs and expectations.
Gained trust from thousand customer by practicing “Industry Standard” which the outcome yield innovation and improved technologies for users.

Evidence: Intel enhance the customer computing experience by providing Intel ® RealSense ™ technology, wireless charging, and password elimination.
O- Opportunities (Continue..)
Highlight: Based from the achievement of Intel Quark SoC features.
Put the opportunity for Intel to compete in the mobile platform.
By this project Intel defined the opportunity to develop ultra-low power which can increase the Intel competitiveness in Internet of Things business (IOT).

O- Opportunities (Continue..)
Highlight: Based from the achievement of Intel Broadwell chip on 14nm and second generation 3-D transistors in 2014.
Opportunity for Intel to compete in a new market with this interactive technology.
This achievement for the replacement of PC manufacturing which using x86 power consumption. The form factor will be as tablets and drive thinner and lighter.

Introduction - SWOT (continue...)
Introduction - SWOT (continue...)
March 31, 2015: Intel launched 14nm Braswell for Baytrail successor (Replace 22nm Bay Trail-D (Celeron / Pentium) and will target ultra-mobile system and low-end desktop.
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