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Louisiana Purchase

Review of the Louisiana Purchase and what it meant to America. How lucky did we get and why? What was Jefferson's internal controversy?

Jill Gillott

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Louisiana Purchase

Double click anywhere & add an idea Louisiana Purchase France owned the Territory.
It was over 800,000 square
miles. In a secret treaty it was transfered to France from the
Spanish. Jefferson wanted the territory
under US control- Nation
of Farmers Spain had blocked the port of the Mississippi to American trade So Jefferson sent James Monroe and Robert Livingston to France to negotiate the purchse of New Orleans and West Florida. Why would access to the Mississippi be important to Americans? TRADE Napoleon was the leader in
France and Needed money for
the war with Britain So instead of selling New Orleans, he offered the
whole Louisiana Territory $15 MILLION This purchase was
Controvercial. Jefferson believed in a scrit interpretation of the Constitution and it didn't say anything about purchasing land.... Monroe and Livingston were only authorized to purchase New Orleans and west Florida. They didn't have time to send a letter to request to purchse it, so they did it without approval. Finally it was held to a vote in congress and everyone approved it Napolean realize
maintaining the territory
would be tough. France no longer maintained control of Haiti. Large or Small role of government
in people's lives This doubled the size of the U.S. Much of this land was unknown so he assigned
Lewis and Clark to find a route to the Pacific Coast. This was out "MANIFEST DESTINY" This was our MANIFEST DESTINY
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