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Wedding Photographer

No description

Cassandra Chiasson

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer
Job Availability
Samantha Erin
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
attended college and got three scholarships for performance and also placed on the dean's list with exceptional grades

About Samantha Erin Photography

Their team consists of four photographers.who specialize in creative wedding, portrait, and commercial photography, Samantha Erin Photography has a reputation for outstanding service and consistent high-quality work. They love all things vintage, natural, rustic, and DIY.

It is very competitive to become a wedding photographer in the Niagara Region.

This is perhaps because of the tourism in the city and the abundance of people choosing to open their own business in the field of photography.

There are about 15 photography shops in Niagara Falls alone that offer portrait and wedding photographers.
There is more job availability in the bigger cities like Toronto.

Description of Job and Salary
Education Needed

Degree level: no college degree is necessary, but coursework and degree programs are available.

Degree Field: Photography or digital imaging

Experience: working as an assistant or participating in internships can help build a portfolio and & network of potential clients.
Example of a photographer in this field in OUR area:
Jesse James
A Niagara based wedding photographer who serves Niagara Falls, Hamilton and Toronto.
Main focus is on wedding, elopement and engagement photography.
6th year shooting weddings, families and portraits.


Skills Needed
Key skills: customer- service, detail oriented and creative.

Computer Skills: photo-editing software.

Technical Skills: Knowledge of different types of cameras and settings.
Wedding photographers most often work on location taking photographs of wedding events on a contractual basis.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, There were approximately 52.000 photographers in the United States and these professionals earn the majority of photographers were self-employed as of 2008 (www.bls.gov). During this time, there were approximately 152,000 photographers in the United States, and these professionals earned an average salary of $35,980 per year as of May 2010.

Niagara College Photography Courses

A series of courses incorporating the introductory to advanced levels, and the artistic to technical aspects of photography.
Program topics include an overview of the history of photography as an art form as well as the use of 35 mm film-based cameras, but specifically focus on all components of digital SLR photography, including digital photo editing.
This program is designed for beginners or hobby-photographers interested in acquiring or improving their skills in photography toward the professional-hobbyist level and/or semi-professional business and career applications.


Many Exciting 5 – Day Photographic Workshops

Embark on an exciting 5-day journey of self-discovery, photographic adventure, and personal growth at our annual photographic retreat focused on “Imaging Excellence”. Niagara School of Imaging is a refreshing approach to personal growth and professional development in the photographic industry. Our programs will make a positive impact on your personal and business skills as well as ignite your creativity and give you the opportunity to glean real life knowledge; tips and ideas from top North American based photographic instructors.

Niagara School of imaging Photography Course
Example of a famous photographer in this field
Samantha Erin
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