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No description

keeley Stewart

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Magcon!

some other viners/youtubers
Jc Caylen
good at voice impressions and also part of magcon!
these are my favourite viners/youtubers! :)
Nash Grier is my Favourite viner/youtuber he is 16 he lives in america he is part of magcon
Nash Grier!
Cameron Dallas is 18 he does vines in his spare time he is a hollister model and he is really funny!
Cameron Dallas
Matthew Matt for short is 16 years old and has the same birthday as Micheal Finlayson and my best friend kiara! he is a viner/youtuber he is funny!
Matthew espinosa
my favourite things about them is that they are funny and always make me laugh!
Hayes grier
hayes is the brother of nash he also makes vines and youtube videos but he is not as popular nash his brother he is 13
skylynn grier
she is nash griers little sister they do vines together
Jake foushee
this is a vine by nash grier and skylynn
Thannks for watching and listening!
this photo is just for julia
this is taylor caniff
he is 17...

jack and jack
both 17
best friends
shawn mendes ....
i like him because he is different from all the other people in magcon because he sings aswel as doing vines
hes from Canada
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