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The Jacket

No description

Grecia Medina

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of The Jacket

The Jacket
Imagine that someone special has given you a necklace or a pair of socks so unattractive it cries out for closet space. But this time you can not hide the item. Instead you must wear it frequently until it is worn out. Unlike The Jacket by Gary Soto initially he stares at it "like an enemy". Then the jacket becomes his disappointment and failers of his childhood. It brings me back to when I was in middle school and had to wear the same shoes for about two years in a row. How I would had wished my mom would of bought me some new ones. But unlike Gary"s mother didnt get him what he wanted only what she could afford. Same thing happened to me, my mom only got me what she could afford. When I would go to schol kids would make fun of mee I couldnt focus in class just thinking of the bullying i was getting. Unlike the failers that Gary would face when he would get D and c on his quizes. He was a victim at the playground area, being stared at and rejected by friends because of what he was wearing.
By: Gary Soto
to throw something with force
to fly down through the air suddenly
Head Bob:
to move up and down in short quick movements.
Book Ends:
something placed at the end of a row of books to hold them up.
to become dry and wrinkled
medical term which refers to various types of paralysis.
to put something into or over a person's mouth in order to prevent from speaking.
to make a short low sound.
It all began in the kitchen while cooking dinner, mother and son were having a conversation about what kind of the jacket the boy would like. The following day he gets home from school to discover a jacket the color of day-old guacamole draped on his bedpost. His only desire for the jacket was to be his brother's jacket instead of his. While putting on his jacket, he stares himself in the mirror like an enemy disliking every bit of it. He goes outside to the front yard kicking the ball and throwing a fit. The first day wearing his jacket to school and he gets a D on his quiz and he blames his bad fortunate on his ugly jacket. Everything seems to go wrong for him that day, during the morning recess Frankie T pushes him and makes fun of him as well as his friends. Embarrased by his hidieous jacket he takes it off because he feels everybody is making fun of him, Girls at school blew him off to go to the boys that were wearing nice jacket. He spent those last three years in school wearing the Jacket until he finally grows out of it.
Travel Tracer
Gary Soto’s story “The Jacket” talks about a Hispanic six grader that was given a jacket by his mother. Despite his high hopes of receiving a biker’s black leather jacket, the kid instead gets a jacket color “day-old guacamole” which he despised. The kid humbly accepted the jacket so he would not hurt his mother’s feelings, although he hated it. As the story progresses the jacket impacted the kid’s life in a negative way, that his grades and social life started declining as well as his self-esteem. As time went on, three years later now a teenager, “no love came to me” he claim. The furious teen blames the jacket and his mother, for those cruel years. Towards the end of the story the one-day guacamole jacket started to tear apart and started not fitting property. The teen goes to his mother with big expectations on getting a new jacket and putting an end to the horrible three years. The mother rejected his request on getting a new jacket and made a cheap comment that “there are kids in Mexico who love that jacket.” His world was shattered, but he accepted it and he had a reflection that the jacket was like a big brother taking care of him all this time.

1. “ When I needed a new jacket and my mother asked what I wanted, I described something like bikers wear: black leather and silver studs with enough belts to hold down a small town.” Pg.1

I thought this sentence was important because it described his personality, whether he was choosing that jacket because that is what he really liked or if he wanted it because that was the “it” thing.

2. “ The next day when I got home from school, I discovered draped on my bedpost a jacket the color of day-old guacamole.” Pg.1

This, to me, was pretty funny. I could not stop laughing at the way he described his day- old guacamole jacket.

3. “I threw my books on the bed and approached the jacket slowly, as if it were a stranger whose hand I had to shake.” Pg.1

The group and I thought this sentence was powerful due to the fact that it explains how much he dislikes the guacamole jacket.

4. “From the kitchen mother yelled that my jacket was in the closet.” Pg.2

I thought it was interesting that when his mom would call to him she was always in the kitchen.

5. “I wanted to cry because it was so ugly and so big that I knew I’d have to wear it a long time.” Pg.2

This sentence brought back memories. I thought this was funny because I had also cried over something my mom had bought me; an ugly black dress that looked like something for Halloween.

1. Did anything surprise you about the story?

I was surprised he still used the jacket and for so long.
2. How did you feel when everything was going wrong after puting on the jacket?
I felt like it was all in his head.
3. What was going through your head when he was describing the jacket?
We could not stop laughing.
4. What did you think when he said his mother had bad taste and cheap ways?
I thought it was a little mean. Maybe she could not afford it and she got him something she hoped he liked
5. Do you really think the kids were making fun of him because of the jacket?
I do believe they were because kids can be mean at times.
Comic Script
Key point 1. The story's main characters would be the kid and his mother.
Key point 2. It explains with great detail how much he hates his jacket but still wears it.
Key point 3. The story to place in the kid's sixth grade year.
Key point 4. The setting takes place in his house, the school where kids pick on him, and his backyard.
Key point 5. The jacket was the problem of the story which at the end, the problem did not get fixed.
Dear Mr. Soto

I would like to say thank you so much for your story "The Jacket". I loved it! It brought back so many memories that I had forgotten. I really enjoyed the short story that I would like to try writing short stories of my own. Thank you for the inspiration you have given me. Hope to hear from you soon.

Grecia Medina
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Letter to the author
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