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Zombie Guide

No description

Carrie Flaspohler

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Zombie Guide

The Zombie's Guide to Information Literacy: Reaching College Students in Non-traditional Ways Old News Or is it? What WE Want What THEY Care About What WE Want What THEY Care About Pop Culture Time's they are a changing Multimodal/ Transliteracy Pictures, Books, Music, Video, Facebook, etc. Pride and Prejudice In the College Classroom Instruction and Programming Special Programs Book Clubs Big Games ALA Programs Standards Assignments Big Game Night Tips Bring it to Class Using Pop Culture to
Teach Information Literacy Taboo Workshop Final Thoughts Start Early Ask for Help/Money What's Popular? Look Ahead Get the Word Out English Faculty

Construct Assignments

Brainstorming Gen Ed

Information Fluency

English & Communications Urban Legends


Movies & Themes

iPlaylist The Good The Bad And the Ugly Foundation: Students will develop skills to help them achieve academic and professional excellence and a foundation for lifelong learning. The Book Was Better


Sherlock Holmes Ghost Story


Steampunk Assessment! Yay Students! Creative Assignments! Justification


Questions? Thanks! Cynthia Dudenhoffer
Central Methodist University
@librarian_cyn Online Students assignments
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