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Dystopian society

Our imaginary futuristic world in which society lives under oppresion of a totalarian government and theocratic control.

Daniela Garcia-Perez

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Dystopian society

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Our Dystopia society Everyone practices one religion Food distribution is a symbol of equality in our society. No one will have too much nor too little because the food would be distributed equally. Also a limited number of reproduction per family is necessary to prevent overpopulation and to maintain capacity in our society. Nothing has greater value; everything is given by trade and each family has their own patch of land to grow crops that they later trade for their own benefits. limits on education Before the Apocalyptic event occurred, the society was way too smart that they took advantage of the government which resulted in a lot of theft. We as a totalitarian government, have now changed the limit of education a person can have. The law is intended to solve people who are overly smart that take advantage of the government. It also controls how much everyone can learn and therefore creating an equal society. destruction of society or human life ...... Any crimes against the society as in breaking rules or laws made by the government will result in punishment by being forced out of the society left to fend for themselves. After a number of weeks depending on the crime and if the person is still alive they will be welcomed back into the society. lessons taught Absolute power corrupts absolutely! We should never let the power that we gain get the best of us because absolute power never prospers. It is important to maintain freedom in a society and let people give opinions on subjects that really matter in a fair government. If we have everyone practice one religion we would avoid clashing of different religions. Since everyone had different beliefs before the apocalyptic event occurred, it created a lot of tensions between different societies but after the apocalyptic event we as a theocratic government want to change it to a one religion society. Food distribution of family: limited to three kids only. The idea of a theocratic government worked for a little while, but sadly and slowly destructed the society. New opinions arose and as time went on, many started disagreeing with the teachings. Food distribution sounded like a fine idea, but ended up to causing more hunger than there was before the apocalypse. The crops were failing and food supply dropped causing starvation for families world wide. Trading was working very well when started but later, became a dilemma to society. crops were failing and in conclusion, it affected a family's trade. This law gave more control to the government, causing unfair rulings over minor crimes. This resulted in more people getting convicted and a decrease in populuation. Dystopian Society Everything has become dull and depressing, no individuality. There is a lack of physical strength among the population because of lack of food. Rebellion has occurred because of people breaking away from the forced beliefs and religion Dystopia Years after the disaster human population has been able to recover, now living under a government controlled environment were all beliefs are the same and people no longer have a freedom of ideas and speech. Everyone is equal in every aspect. Salvation The rebellion has succeeded fueled by a new realization that not everything is how the government has brainwashed us to believe . People now have the liberty to say and think how they desire to without the control of a greater force. As generations pass the people controlling the government become less intellectual causing the society to fail economically. By: Daniela Garcia-Perez and Denise Muchangi
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