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Interview Skills!

No description

Sarah Francois

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Interview Skills!

Interview Skills!

-Learn as much as you can about the company you have an interview for. The last thing a company wants to hear is "I don't know"
-Make sure you know your job description and what your role in the company would be.
Practice, Practice, Practice
- Practice! Have a friend or family member sit with you and ask you questions.
- Rehearse in the mirror.
-Make a list of all your great qualities and skills and go over it.
- Make a list of all of your work/volunteer experience and do the same.

How to dress for an interview

- Solid Colour
- Limited Jewelery
- Neat hairstyle
- Little to no make up or perfume

- Make sure you wear professional and neat clothing
- Research the style of clothing you'll need to wear at your workplace.

Who dressed correctly ?!
-Solid colour shirt
- Wear a tie!
- No hats
- Dress shoes
- Black socks
- Try to avoid jeans

Right or Wrong?!
Think About It
An interview is a start to getting the job you want. Make sure you practice and are prepared for it. Make employers think that you are the perfect candidate for them. You already sold yourself on paper; now it is time to sell yourself in person. You're unique; show it! Be yourself. Be natural.
Now it's your turn to practice!
Activity: Interview your partner

Get Ready
There is more to an interview than just dressing nicely!
Make sure you keep your resume in a folder or portfolio to prevent it from getting dirty or folded.
Don't forget to bring a notebook and pen for taking notes or signing forms.
Bring I.D. and you S.I.N. card just in case you get hired on the spot!

Be on Time!!!!!
Always be on time to an interview!
Try to be there five to ten minutes before the interview time.
If you truly are going to be late then make sure you call the company and tell them.
Plan your route ahead of time.
See when the buses run or how long it will take to drive there.
If it is in a mall or outdoor plaza figure out where it is located within.
Stay Calm!
Be as calm as possible!
Maintain eye contact and show your confidence.
Listen carefully to the interview questions before you answer.
Take time to think about your answer.
It is better to think about your answer carefully than rush and totally deliver a horrible answer.
The Good and The Bad....
Show What You Know!
This is where you put all that research to use.
When answering or discussing your accomplishments match them to what the company is looking for.
Employers also love when interviewees have questions to ask them. Prepare these questions ahead of time?
"When will you be getting back to potentials employees?" "How many positions are you hiring for?"
Follow Up
A few days to a week after your interview follow up with a phone call asking about the hiring progress.
This will also show that you are still interested in the position.
DO NOT forget to thank them for the opportunity.
Top Interview Mistakes.....
Dressing Inappropriately.
Being Late
Bringing a Drink with you.
Using your phone.
Not Knowing Anything About
The Company.
Not being Prepared.
Badmouthing Your Past Employers
Lying on Your Resume
Talking Too Much
1. Tell me about yourself
2. What are some challenges you face when working with others?
3. What does excellent customer service mean to you?
4. What are your biggest strengths?
5. Why do you want this job?
6. How do you handle stress and pressure?
7. Why are you the best person for this job?
8. Tell me a bit about your volunteer experience
9. Why do you want to work for our company?
10. Describe a situation where you had to deal with an angry person.
What did you do to ensure they left with a positive impression?
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