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UX of waarp -UX design by programmer-

http://www.waaotn.net http://twitter.com/leedongyol

DongYol Lee

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of UX of waarp -UX design by programmer-

UX design of waarp Hi, I am Jinn.
Nice to meet you! Waaotn & Company, Ltd. @leedongyol
www.waaotn.net Thank you!
See you in waarp. Let me hear your thought about my idea, please. Waaotn & Company, Ltd. http://www.waaotn.net I am not a designer
but a programmer.

But I design
not just architecture
but UI and even UX,
because I am alone.

This is my story about
UX of waarp. Start What is UX? User Experience Is... Experience is the product
- Peter Merholz Useful Useable Valuable Findable Credible Accessible Desirable Morville's Honeycomb Methods Wire frames Concept Map Customer Journey Map +Sustainable UX Design Methods Theme Accessible & Fun Ubiquitous Social Networking of waarp > Fun Ubiqui Storytelling time based Poetry Check List Learnability
Satisfaction Check! Important is... emotion
meaning Voice and converation based
Aural UI & UX In case of waarp Learn Not
Remember Not
Free to fail in case of waarp waarp UX UX of waarp about UX Meaning Matters Voice = Text = Gesture = Meaning Connected Now Mobile & Ubiquitous Links for UI It is where it is heard Time is stoppable GPS & Compass & Binaural Stop & Zoom & Browse Human, Not Machine. Fail, Learn, and Evolve Summary UX design is creating a story of your SW and your customer. Summary In case of waarp In case of waarp It is alike the stories between objects(OOP),
or services(SOA). Object is a sort of life form Your SW can be human also. Mobile paradigm sped up the evolution of software on it.
Every terminal node of mobile web is a life form, a human, not
just a gadget or a phone anymore. So the story between them has became important.
That is UX. SW must evolve
following these
evolutions of
Let us try. waarp is my first try
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