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In the Country of Men

No description

adrienne huntley

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of In the Country of Men

Bahloul the beggar "She claimed that Bahloul the beggar
was richer than all of us
put together." (Matar, 37). The sea "They are also known as the
"Sea-monsters", always facing the
sea, always expecting the worst." (Matar, 27). The mulberry tree "They're a small, soft, stoneless fruit
like any other fruit." (Matar, 59). The Alcohol
"I am fully aware of how
even this choice was influenced by
her, what she called her "illness" and
"medicine", the colourless liquid supplied by
the baker, still illegal in Libya." (Matar, 231). Works Cited:
Matar, Hisham. In the Country of Men. Viking-Penguin, 2006.
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