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My Autobiographical Prezi


Rachel Sanders

on 12 November 2009

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Transcript of My Autobiographical Prezi

My Dogs
I got my dog, Ladypug in June 2006. Ladypug is a pug. The funny thing is how we got her. When she was a puppy my step-mom bought her for my little sister. They had her for three years. Then my step-mom and little sister moved to Florida. They asked us to baby-sit little Ladypug while they were packing. We soon found out that they couldn't take her to Florida and asked us to keep her. So we did. I had been asking for a dog for a couple years. We used to have a Chihuahua but, my mom was allergic so we had to give her away. This is significant because when we got Ladypug she taught me responsibility and ultimately, love. In May of 2008, we got Ladypug a little brother, Toby. He is Pekinese. Since we got him as a puppy, Toby taught me patience and how to care for a small and helpless, little life.

What Makes Me What I Am Today Moving
I Moved on September 6th, 2009, which was this past summer. I moved from my home of 13 1/2 years. Of course I didn’t want to move but, I had to. Moving is hard. Although it’s hard it taught me a lesson. Everything happens for a reason. I am a stronger person now because of this. MOVING TWO NEW FAMILY MEMBERS Ladypug Toby Performing
I performed in 2 plays for my church. There was a program called creative arts that let kids perform but still learn about the gospel. We performed stories from the Bible. The first play I did was called "Once Upon A Parable." We stayed for many hours of a day to prepare for this production. It took from September to May of 2005 to get everything ready. In the end of May we performed. The second was called "The Rock Slinger." I got a solo in this play. We performed in May of 2006. From this experience I have learned that hard work and perseverance gets you far and to where you want to be. PERFORMING Rockslinger GOING TO CAMP Going to Victory Valley.
Every summer I go to camp. I have been going for four years. I've made friends along the way. This is significant because it has taught me that making friend is easy when your kind and when your into the same stuff. It has also challenged me to keep long distance friends. It helped me grow spiritually and that is extremely important to me.
I used to share a bedroom with my sister up until I was 9. It was in the summer of 2004 when I got my own room. Having my own room was significant because it helped me to develop my own style and how I did things in my room like watching the program I wanted to watch. It also made me more independent. Blue
We were babysitting my Aunt Patty's guinea pigs while she was away. There were three. Bebo, Belissimo, and Bluereguard. Bebo and blue were together in the same cage. Bebo was the oldest then Blue then Belissimo. Belissimo was not in the best condition. You see, he had only three legs. One of them was amputated because he got it stuck in the grates on the bottom of the cage. So, we were just babysitting everything was going all good. One day I was feeding them and usually they run up to your hand and take it out of it. Bebo ran to my hand and blue didn’t, which was very weird. So I tried to pick him up and he wouldn’t come. I figured out that his foot was stuck in the bottom of the cage too. It was twisted around and nibbled on. We got him to the vet. He also had to get his leg amputated. At the time, we couldn’t afford the operation. The veterinarians lowered the price. This was the moment I realized I loved animals and that I wanted to be a veterinarian or an occupation that involves animals when I grow up.
I was doing my chores one day. It was an ordinary, boring Saturday. It was in April of 2007. I was washing the shower with bleach. All of a sudden, my step dad came running and yelling up the stairs. He yelled, "Turn it off! Turn it off!" I did. I didn’t know what was happening. He directed me down the stairs into the kitchen. There was a big bubble on our ceiling. It was dripping bleach water from the upstairs bathroom. I realized that it was from me cleaning the tub. He poked a hole in it with a knife and all the water bled out. We soon realized that a piece of our drain had broken off and caused the water to not go into the pipes but into our ceiling. This experience taught me that accidents happen. Also that it wasn’t my fault and that I shouldn’t be that hard on myself.

Blue My Councilor’s Mattress My Cabin The Hole in our Kitchen MOM'S SURGERY Surgery
On June 24th and September 15th of this year my mom had surgery. She had a L3-L4 Microdiscectomy and a Hysterectomy. She is not totally fixed yet. She was out on temporary disability from March of this year until now. Sadly, she lost her job this month and lost her insurance so she won’t get fixed just yet. This is significant because it has taught me that my mom isn’t invincible, like I thought she was. Also that I shouldn’t worry too much. I realized that people around me can get hurt.
I started doing my laundry in August of 2008. My parents used to wash my laundry but as I got older they wanted to teach me to be responsible. I did learn responsibility but, I also learned to manage my time and that was significant. LEARNING TO PLAY Music
My dad is a very musical person. He majored in music at college. He plays the guitar and taught me. I got my first guitar when I was about 6 and have been playing ever since. My mom knows how to play piano a little bit so I wanted to learn and I did. This is significant because it taught me to work hard and practice and you'll get good at it.
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