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*rough draft* International Adoption

Writing for the Sciences

Alyssa Betz

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of *rough draft* International Adoption

International Adoption Introduction Causes Effects Current Solution Original Solution Conclusion By Alyssa Betz International adoption is harmful to
foreign adoptees because they grow up alienated from their own ethnic background and they have higher rates of behavioral, emotional, and mental health problems. A steady decline of children
available in the United States
for adoption has caused many
Americans to look abroad for
a new son or daughter. International adoption is widely
perceived as an anti-racist act of
"rescuing" a child from the dangers
of the Third World. Many celebrities adopt children from over
seas to help elevate their status. This has
encouraged many fans to do the same. feelings of alienation loss of heritage loss of culture loss of customs behavioral problems emotional issues mental health problems Today there are not strict enough laws
to prevent all of the problems associated
with INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION. Current Solution Every country has their own restrictions
on who is eligible to adopt a child from
their country. Many have strict laws to help discourage
international adoption. Here are some current qualifications... Korea You cannot weigh over 30% the normal weight for your height Thailand among others... No single parents are allowed St. Lucia You must own property on the island to adopt Indonesia You must be a resident at least 2 years in the country You must believe in God An Original Solution Laws must be made to require
the adoptive parents to incorporate
the customs and culture of the childs
home land into their everyday lives so
they dont "loose themselves" in their new
home. The adoptive parents must learn
about the effects that internationally
adopted children can experience. The only
way to prevent these problems is through
educating the parents and taking preventive measures. In Conclusion... International adoption has become very popular
and is perceived as a way to rescue children from
the Third World. In actuality, children that are internationally adopted
loose their sence of self, customs, heritage, culture,
and sometimes native language. These children usually experience depression,
emotional issues, behavioral problems, and even
mental health issues. Currently, every country has its own qualifications
for adoptive parents and its own set of laws concerning
international adoption. New, more effective laws need to be
established in order to protect the children
and prevent all of the problems associated with international adoption.
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