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jazqal jazqal

on 11 July 2010

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Transcript of course

Introduction Mr. Noppawat Sirinimnualkul KIM Graduate from CU, ICE GPA : 3.83 Take care port of Technogreen owner Only RULE Ask IMMEDIATELY !!!!! if doubt Traditional Mistakes News

Marketing words

Researches Result SImply LOSE Solution Self analysis :: Graphs Like Religion equitic symptoms REDUCE Right price @ Right time Technical Analysis Basic belief :: News are already priced Movement OS OB Broker Suggestion Fundamental Analysis UP OP Slow & Impractical Unreal Resistance & Support Conc.Theory Case study Criteria : Buy @ OS Sell @ OB or at pleased 1 2 GoodDD Stocks Energy :: Bank :: Communication :: Others :: Basically VOLUME!! PTT PTTEP BANPU KBANK SCB BBL KTB ADVANC DTAC TRUE SCC CPF CPALL IVL Target "IS NOT" Buy @ lowest

Sell @ highest BEWARE Profitable Bahavior Find OS Stocks set target price BUY SELL OS OB or
at pleased "NO ALL IN" 80 : 20 Stocks Money Buy on SUPER OverSold Remark :: Only on SuperOS case study About Money Cold cash ONLY Patient on RED Emotion No cut loss EXCEPT!!! Reasonable news LOXLEY TVO Keep 80:20 to buy on SuperOS Play on PANIC Symptom :: Abnormally fall = exceptionally long red candle Action : Buy at pleased Sell at open case study : ADVANC Net Volume Institute = Stable raise

Local = Speculate

Prop = Speculate

Foreign = Unreliable Mindset Benchmark = Interest rate

Greed & Emotion = Destroyer
Insist on set price Miss criteria Alternative income Investment,Speculate,Bet Candle sticks

Stochastic Oscillator



Moving Average Be patient!! 8-10 Slots Technical Analysis BANPU
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