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Making every contact count: An introduction to Community Pharmacy

please note the only slide with sound is slide 78 which will automatically play once you reach it, clicking the next slide will stop the audio file from playing

Tom Feltham

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Making every contact count: An introduction to Community Pharmacy

Making every contact count: An introduction into
Community Pharmacy

Why choose community pharmacy?
•84% of adults visit a pharmacy at least once a year

78% for health-related reasons

•Adults in England visit on average 14 times a year

The majority (>75%) use the same pharmacy all the time

•An estimated 1.6 million visits take place daily, of which 1.2 million are for health-related reasons

a wider range of services available through pharmacies, utilising their convenient locations and extended opening times
The Community Pharmacy Aim
Individual experience of joined up care and support that is personalised and coordinated
Improved outcomes and experiences for individuals and communities
A focus on primary care and community care
population based public health, preventative and early intervention strategies
Why Pharmacy should matter to you?
There is a tremendous opportunity for you to deliver key messages to your target population due to the number of people that visit a community pharmacy daily
The hardest part of any consultation is getting the client in front of you in the first place, but once there, it is our job to make the most of the opportunity and
ensure every contact counts
As commissioners, you can see that a high proportion of your population will be accessing a pharmacy this month. Likelihood is that a large percentage will be exactly your target client group.
Section 2 - Quality and Value
Commissioning public health services : Delivering through NHS Health Checks and HLPs (Healthy Living Pharmacy).
Alcohol Services
Weight Management
Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
Alcohol Consumption
Dementia Awareness
Near Patient Testing
Diabetes Risk Assessment
Example in Birmingham: Cardiovascular screening services for men over the age of 40
Over 10,000 men took up this service
Example: North West 100 Community Pharmacies identification and brief advice alcohol services
Example: London at least 500 Community Pharmacies offer alcohol risk assessment scratchcards

With the support of Public Health England, local authorities are responsible for commissioning a range of public health services. Community Pharmacy is able to deliver a number of statutory enhanced services including NHS Health checks.

Example: Norwich Health check service Norwich including BMI, blood pressure and blood glucose tests
Pharmacy helping people to manage their lifestyle issues
Stop Smoking Services
Pharmacy are responsible for 20% of all smoking quits in the UK
The numbers who quit smoking continues to increase year on year
Pharmacy continue to have a consistent successful quit rate
Physical Activity
Weight Management
Example: Birmingham
My Choice Weight Programme run by the heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust and Community Pharmacy
Alcohol Services
Pharmacy & Harm Reduction
Through needle and syringe collection & safe disposal
In 2008/2009, 10% of adults in England had used an illicit drug in the last year
Harm reduction in substance misuse
In 2003/04, the economic and social costs of drugs were estimated to be around £15.4 billion in the UK. Most of this, about 90%, accounts for drug-related crime
Injecting drug users are at risk of several viral and bacterial infections such as HIV. Acute bacterial infections due to poor injecting hygiene, non sterile equipment or contaminated drugs cause health problems costing the NHS around £47 million a year.

The number of community pharmacies contracted to provide services to substance misusers has almost doubled from 2005/06
Through providing sterile injection and other equipment
Through dispensing heroin substitutes
Research has shown supervised consumption is an important component of safe, effective and responsible methadone prescribing.
Community pharmacies account for 80% of needle exchange facilities in England with half of all exchanges coming from community pharmacy. Research has shown that these services are cost effective and cost saving
Approximately 80% of all community pharmacies have private consultation areas where supervised administration, needle and syringe exchange and other services can take place.
A community pharmacy is a local business that supplies medicines and provides NHS and private services to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community.
What is Community Pharmacy?
Community Pharmacy provides benefit to the local community through:

1) Providing high quality and conveniently accessible health services

2) Being experts in medicines and protecting patients from harm

3) Signposting to other health and social care services
Every day about 1.6 million people visit a pharmacy in England.
The Technician
The Pharmacist
Key facts
greater use of the expertise of pharmacists and their trained staff
a shift in emphasis from dispensing prescriptions to providing health and social care services
Convenient and Accessible
In 2012, the number of prescription items dispensed by community pharmacies in England was 1 billion
The Driver
With that kind of access to your constituents, if you want value for money and maximum bangs for your bucks,
your local Pharmacy team could provide a solution
A typical high street pharmacy completing between 5,500 to 6,000 prescriptions per month may see around 100 patients per day in relation to prescriptions, and in addition will see a similar number coming in for health advice or medicine, which equates to around
200 people per day.

The government's aims for community pharmacy
Medicines and health and social services are available to the community when they need it
•99% of the population, even those living in the most deprived areas can get to a pharmacy within 20 minutes by car and 96% by walking or using public transport
Community Pharmacy is one big team effort
The Health Care assistant
Part-time Health Care Assistant
Community Pharmacy is one big employer
Pharmacy provides a network of centres of health excellence with private consultation rooms within walking distance of your target market.
Pharmacy is a readily available network located in the heart of all communities
Community pharmacies already provide great access for people requiring health advice
Community Pharmacies could support effective signposting to local social care services
A Pharmacist or trained team member can actively engage with the individual as opposed to the passive awareness campaigns (eg. a leaflet in a library)
local examples of Social Care Priorities
Air Quality in Hackney through "AirTEXT"
AirTEXT alerts are particularly useful for:
•Those suffering from asthma, bronchitis, heart problems or similar diseases
Another example of local social care priorities
Seasonal Health Interventions Networks
SHINE is a one stop referral system established to:
tackle fuel poverty
reduce seasonal deaths
reduce hospital admissions
Refer at risk groups

–those aged over 75
–those with respiratory disease
–those with cardiovascular disease
–low income families with children aged under 5

Referral is easy and a form is filled out online by the pharmacist
Seasonal Networks Intervention Networks SHINE
Bromley Winter Health
Bromley Winter Health
Bromley has the highest Excess Winter Death Index out of all the London Boroughs
Pharmacy participate in active referral to "Age UK" and "LBB Home improvement Team"
But what is a Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP)?
HLPs recognise the significant role community pharmacies play in reducing health inequalities by delivering consistent and high quality health and wellbeing services, promoting health and providing proactive health advice and interventions.
The concept packages what pharmacies may already be doing and allows the pharmacy to see what else they could be doing to deliver against local health needs.
Smoking Cessation Services
Physical Activity Intervention
You can also commission pharmacies in your local area to provide a number of other optional services
This means you can commission a personalised basket of services to meet the needs of your local community.
This is to get their prescription medicines, to ask for health advice from a team of trained staff and to buy products for self care

The Dispensing Assistant
Substance Misuse
A typical pharmacy on a monthly basis will help:
156 people with diabetes
452 people with asthma
1390 people with hypertension
122 angina patients
78 heart failure patients

24 heart attack patients (annual)
78 COPD patients
40 epilepsy patients
35 rheumatoid arthritis patients
10 Parkinson's disease patients
Community Pharmacy services are available 7 days a week
1 Billion
"make every contact count"
"make every contact count"
"make every contact count"
"make every contact count"
Heart of communities
Community pharmacies attract other businesses because they are a focal point for the local population
Pharmacy invests in the local community and sustains a vibrant high street
"make every contact count"
"1.6 million people visit a pharmacy each day"
"make every contact count"
The pharmacist is a university graduate trained in medicines and a registered and regulated healthcare professional
The health care assistant is trained to the national standard
No matter how many hours they work, our people are trained to the same national standard
A registered professional trained to a minimum of NVQ level 3
Trained to at least NVQ level 2
A valuable member of the team who is an important link to the vulnerable members of the community
these individuals are the first points of contact with members of the public
anticoagulation services in Sunderland and Brighton

cholesterol screening
Hepatitis B & C testing and treatment
This service involves 3 treatments over 21 days which clients can receive while accessing their methadone at the pharmacy.
This service works because it makes every contact count
If you would like further information on how pharmacy can support YOUR community, contact your Local Pharmaceutical Committee
Not all pharmacies have to be HLP accredited
Community Pharmacy provides HIV testing
contact us: 0207 470 8779
"make every contact count"
"make every contact count"
"make every contact count"
"make every contact count"
Sexual Health

This presentation was brought to you by:
Sarah Billington, Chief Executive Officer, Hampshire & IOW Pharmaceutical Committee

Martin Crisp, Chief Executive Officer, City & Hackney Local Pharmaceutical Committee

Ash Pandya, Chief Executive Officer, Essex Local Pharmaceutical Committee

Vanessa Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, East Sussex Local Pharmaceutical Committee

Felicity Mitchell, Communications Lead, Hampshire and IoW Local Pharmaceutical Committee

Will Lloyd, pharmacist with special interest in substance misuse

Stephen Thomas, Pharmacy Voice

Tom Feltham, Pharmacy Voice

Deirdre Doogan, Pharmacy Voice

Example: Norfolk
Community Pharmacies have been working with national and local sports organisations to develop a series of community activities to encourage physical activity in the over 50s
Carol Trower, Chief Executive Officer, Berkshire Local Pharmaceutical Committee
with particular thanks for providing the voiceover for this presentation
in association with
What could YOU do with those contacts?
in association with
What could YOU do with all those contacts?
What could YOU do with all those contacts?
What else can be done through pharmacy? Talk to us and discuss your ideas
talk to us about your own ideas of what could be done through a pharmacy
What else could pharmacy deliver?
What else could pharmacy deliver for YOU?
What else could pharmacy deliver in MY local area?
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