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No description

Spencer Hirsch

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Team BSLJ

We've Got A Problem
Design Sketch
Working Drawings
Team BSLJ Playground Project


Hello, we are team BLSJ ready to assist all elementary schools to meet their playground needs and wants for their students. So that students have fun, and are safe at the same time....No matter what.

Playground Theme and Parts
Benches for teachers
Playground flows
All components are safe
Components don't interfere with each other
Final Assembly/Physical Model
Scale: 1 inch to 1 foot
Material: Mainly Balsa Wood
Components: All components neatly made and placed onto the board.
Luke De Ocampo
Spencer Hirsch
Jojil George
Javion Jones
Brandon Bushman
Garmone Elementary School, has an old, rusted playground that was not safe; and they needed a HERO. Call to order, we have to design and construct a playground that is safe and fun for children in 3 to 5 grade.
Create a scale drawing
CAD and Working Drawings
Build a physical model
Superhero based playground
Running track (Based off of Flash)
Superman symbol on the platform
Green Arrow climbing wall
Boomerang Slide (Captain Boomerang)
Thank you for listening to our presentation, that concludes it.

Original Design
Inventor Playground
Research/ Safety

Slides- Plastic, 30in enclosed (diameter)
30 degree angle, and 4in lip.

Rock wall- 8 feet high with foam at the bottom and doesn't extend out far to ensure maximum safety.

Spinner- Must have a maximum spinning speed of 10 mph and a brace for safety.

Balance Beam- Max height of 16in,

Benches- Two benches are at the side of the climbing wall and another two on the other side of the playground.
(sits two people per bench)

Scale Model CAD
Monkey bars taken out Had to take out shade-
Swings taken out structure
Pull up bars taken out Changed our initial
Constrained size for safety scale drawing to fit
Added running track our CAD requirements
Added superhero symbols
New Design
Why Choose Us?

Have 3 slides
Have a rock wall
Super Hero theme and symbols
Running track
Benches for teachers
Scale Drawings: 1/4in= 1 foot
Children will have fun and be safe at all time
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