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Wonderful You

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Wonderful You

Wonderful People
My brother reminds me of Roger. He will try to get away with stuff like steeling my stuff but he is always honest. My brother and I would always play together when I was little. When I was born my brother was the only one I would smile at for a while. I look up to Gavin because he is a wonderful person to be around.
Wonder is an amazing book. Why is it amazing? It is amazing because it tells a strong powerful
story. August polman is a person
who has needs. He is not like
any other person. He is wonderfull in many ways.
Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones is a wonderful person. She forgave Roger even though he tried to steel. She can inspire many people and can be a role model to many. She helps no matter what the problem is. Mrs jones is truly woderful.
Summer is a wonderful person. She is a positive ray of sun that everyone needs in their life. She is her self in every situation that has come her way. I think she will inspire many in days to come. I will always look up to the wonderfull summer.
Lotus Blossom
Lotus Blossom is a wonder full girl who really struggled whe she was younger. One day a man changed her life by giving her what she needed. A maricle happened. She became strong and didn't give up that is what trulyb made her wonderful.
An impotant idea from Wonder is to be your self never give up and always stayb strong.
August is a very wonderful person who can do anything no matter what. He makes people believe in them selves. August is a very special person who can inspire poeple. He is trully wonderful
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