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Direct and Indirect Objects

No description

Wyatt Fitz

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Direct and Indirect Objects

1.The repairman fixed the car and the bus.

2.The guy served the boy dinner and desert.

3. 3) indirect -baseball and football Indirect Object - is a noun or pronoun that comes after an action verb and before a direct object. Its purpose is to name the person or thing the that
something is given to or done for. For there to be an indirect object there needs to be a direct object. Direct Object - is a noun, pronoun, or group of words acting as a noun that receives the action of a transitive verb. And Indirect Objects Direct Examples Bill fixed the T.V. 1) She ate the apple. He washed the clothes. 1) T.V, because what is bill
fixing, the T.V. 2) 3) 2) Apple, because what is she eating, the apple. 3) Clothes, because what did he wash, the clothes. Answers Examples Answers 1) She gave violin lessons
to him. 2) The teacher gave us
an assignment. 3) Can you send me a
letter? 1) The I.O is him. 2) The I.O is us. 3) The I.O is me. Compound Indirect Object - is two or more nouns or pronouns that come after an action verb and before a direct object. Compound Direct Object - Objective complement - is an adjective, noun, or group of words acting as a noun that follows a direct object and describes or renames it. Its purpose is to provide additional information about the direct object. is more than one noun, pronoun, or group of words acting as a noun that receives the action of the same transitive verb. Examples Answers 1) We called the boy Bob. 2) The class elected Frank
president. 3) The explores found the
cave empty. 1) Objective Complement - Bob 2) Objective Complement - President 3)Objective Complement - Empty Examples Answers Examples 1) The man fixed the roof and the
window. Answers 2) The person ate the apple and the
banana. 3) The dog ran on the beach and the
track. 1) Compound direct - roof and window 2) Compound direct - apple and banana 1) The boy bought his mom and
dad a present. 3) Compound direct - beach and track 2) I made my daughter and son
a special dinner. 1) indirect - mom and dad 3) The guy gave the baseball and
football teams their jerseys. 2) indirect - son and daughter What's the direct object? 1. She threw the ball.

2. The dragon has wings that help it
stay up.

3. Lions eat deer and other animals. 2. The hero saved the boy falling
of the building. Whats the indirect and direct object? 1. The magician gave the crowd a
good show. Whats both of the direct objects? 3. I sent a letter to my grandma. Objective Complements In middle school I played track and soccer. 1. We painted the room purple and yellow. 2. What are the indirect objects and the direct object 1. She sold Rob and Erica pizza. We appointed the man to the new job. 3. The boss considered me for the
manager of the restaurant. 2. Mr. Smith gave him and her a pop quiz. Homework Pg 96 1-5
Pg 98 1-5 Sentences
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