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My orgnization specialise when looking at working with in

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Steven Dampier

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of My orgnization specialise when looking at working with in

Specializing in Disability
Care and More
When we say working in partnership, we mean that we like build a strong standing relationship with the individuals we help provide care for, also we do our best to make a healthy relationship with people we work along side, this is so we can do the best by them and you as a service user. With working in partnership we have also developed relationships with other professionals who can get involved when looking at your care, and help us create you a better standard of care.
The overall all reasons for us working in partnership is so we are able to give you the best care plan available for your individual needs.
Care & More
When looking at working in partnership, we work with 3 different sets of people, these are;
You, the service user.
Carers within our setting
Other professionals who are employed under the same organization, e.g. cares,nurses,cooks etc.
Who we work with in partnership?
working in partnership with other professionals who are employed under the same organization can affect you in a good way, this is because; working in partnership, helps us build a stronger care base, as we are able to have everyone's ideas and opinions used, so we can come up with more effective care for you, and make sure everything we do for you is done in a way that is helpful for both you and professionals. Also with working in partnership, we are able to make sure no mistakes are made. working in partnership is also usful as we are all on the same page and understand whats going on.Holding a strong partnership with you is also a way that helps us build better care, as you will be able to express with us, what you do and don't like, also give us your opinions when looking at the care you are recieving.

For example; When we are working with an individual who keeps acting out, due to working in partnership we can all work as a team to try and figure out why that person is acting different. and we can help each other overcome the barriers that the individuals acting out may cause.
My organization specialists when looking at working with individuals with disabilities.
It is a organization that holds all important aspects that are needed to have a well set organization
such as;
Partnership working
Multi-agency working
working in partnerships with my service users, family members and informal carers.
Decisions making processes and forums
Staff training and induction
Role of care quality commission

Care and more.
what do you mean by working in partnership?
How working in partnership affects you.
By Jade Dallas
What me mean by working in Multi-agency
Multi-agency is when other professionals for different organizations come together to support and give advice, when looking at service users care plans, to make sure that the best care is provided for the service users.
Who we work in multi-agency with?
Depending on you as an individual, will may work with all different types of organizations, for example; if you had physical disability and not only did you have our care, but you also go to see a physiotherapist, its important that we hold multi-agency with your physio trainer, so we can create the best care plan for you.
How working in multi-agency affects you
Working in muilt-agency affects you as it helps give you a high quality of care. Due to us working with everyone who works with you, We are able to come together to work out the best options available for your care. This helps us understand your personal needs to a higher level, with this making your feel as comfy and safe as possible, when looking at your care.
What do we mean by working in partnerships with my service users, family members and informal carers.
When we say, that we work in partnership with service users and family members, we mean that we ensure you and your family have an input when it come to your care, as this will help us receive an appropriate care plan for you and your ever day life, which only you and family members can help us with, as you are both wear of what care is needed and how you would like it to be given.
We work in partnership, with you, any friends or family members who you want having an input. informal carers of yours are also able to give opinions.
How working in partnership affects you.
When looking at working with family members, informal carers and yourself, it helps us meet all your individual needs. Although you need care like everyone else using our organization, you may have different ways, that you like us to meet that care.

For example; You and another service user may both need to have help with personal care such as; cleaning duties, however you may prefer being strip washed, as due to your disability you are not able to get in and out of the bath, we would only know that you prefer this, if we give you and others the chance to have to speak. Therefore working in partnership helps we have this advantage.

An example; if we was caring for you however we see that your mobility was becoming weaker, we could use other organization we work with, to help us help you improve it, such as putting more physiotherapy in place or even adjusting setting so you are able to use them without any barriers arrising. With us having the ability to contact other orgnization, we get the chance to hear everyones veiws and the come to an overalln dicision that works best for you.
Dicision making process and Forums
This is when everyone come together, to talk and listen to each other. This is where they try and take in everyone’s idea, so all individuals who have an opinion, are able to give their view. Overall trying to achieve a better care plan for all service users.
How this affects you
Giving everyone a chance to speak out and give ideas for individuals care, affects you as it helps us build a better care plan for yourself, also it helps make it easier for us professional as we are able to come up with ideas which can provide us to overcome barriers easier.

For Example; If you have a physical disability, which stops you for moving about without help, however when you need to go to the toilet you do not want to use a pad. Then if we all come together to give ideas on this situastion, due to this we could come up with a way to help the service user overcome this barrier. In this case, they could have a button that they push, when needing to go to the toilet and carers could come and assist them to the toilet.
Staff trainning and introduction
Staff training and introduction, is where carers learn everything they need to. This is so they are able to give the correct care, by following acts that have been put in place, to protect and help achieve the best care for service users. Introduction is also use just to make sure the staff are aware of all fire hazards and how the workplace works, what they do and don’t do within the setting. It is vital to have both training and introduction, this is because we can ensure the best care is given, if all training has been put in place.
How this can affect your care.
Ensuring staff have their training and introduction, affects you in many ways. Mainly if this is not carried out then we cannot promise that you will receive the best care, without any harm coming to you. The reason for this is because carers will not be aware of what they are/are not able to do. With this carrying out care may also lead in injury, as carers will not be aware of how to carrying out the activity safely. Overall we need training and introduction put in place, to ensure you are receiving the right standard of care and at no point are you put in danger.
An example;
If you have an individual, who is mentally disabled and if you do not act correctly around them, they could react towards you using abuse. If training was not put into place within this particular case, then this could lead to a stressful situation, for both the carer and service user.
Care Quality Comission
CQC, is an organization that has been put in place, to carrying out investigations on different health and social care settings, the reason for this is to ensure all act, policies and procedures are being followed. If not followed the CQC can give warnings and in some cases shut the service down. The reason for CQC is to make sure everything is carried out correctly within health setting and service users are receiving the right standard of care.
How this can affect you
Having the CQC put in place, ensures that when you are being cared for. that it is being done in the best possible way for you and your individual needs. It also ensures all acts that should be carried out to protect you are being used, making sure you can be safe and protecting within your setting.
An example;
An example is; if you are being cared for and the person who regular cares for you is abusing you by, being physically forceful when you do not want to do something. When the CQC come in to inspect the setting you are in, when they see the indicators of abus taking place, such as; marks, cuts and burns, then they are able to help you, as they can stop this person who is causing the abuse from working within your setting and overall in any other care setting where they can carry on this abuse. With this the CQC will put that seeting on alert, to ensure something like this isnt able to happen again.
Thank you for listen and watching my Presentation.
By Jade Dallas
My organization
My organization is called Care and More.
This is a care organization that helps look after and offer a helping hand to all individuals who hold disabilities. This can be any type of disability.
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