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space junk

No description

Noah Joshua

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of space junk

Believe It Or Not,This Is What Earth Looks Like From Space!
Wall Of Water
The idea that I think is least beneficial for cleaning up space junk is the Wall Of Water, made by James Hollopeter of GIT Satellites because:

We have no control of the water in space.
Since we have no control of the water in space, it could damage things we don't want it to, for example: satellites, space stations.
Ways To Improve Current Methods Of Cleaning Space Debris
By Noah Joshua
We Really Have Some Cleaning To Do!
Solar Sails
Solar Sails is an idea made to remove space debris.
Solar Sails were created by NASA to remove space debris by sending another vehicle into space.
The vehicle flies around in space and attaches the Solar Sail onto pieces of space debris.
Once attached to the debris, the Solar Sails then unfurls, creating an extra drag, and slows the space debris motion.
The space debris then falls into the Earth's atmosphere and burns up.
The Solar Sails are solar powered.

Magnetic Space Net
The method for catching space debris that I think is most beneficial is the Magnetic Space Net made by JAXA, a Japanese space exploration agency. I think it is the most beneficial because:

The net is lightweight.
It's 700 meters long and since the net is so long, it can catch more debris.
The net is also fitted with sensors that pick up reflected light of the debris.
The net is attached to an unmanned spacecraft.
What Is Space Junk?
Space junk (sometimes known as space debris) is years' worth of abandoned rockets, satellites and tools left from spacewalks. Space junk is a huge problem because it will be more dangerous for us to send future spacecrafts into space with large metal objects flying around.
Instead of sending up rocket ships to release the water, this design could be improved by sending the water up in small capsules with radars built in and release the water directly on the space debris.
Wall Of Water

We could make the Solar Sails magnetic so they would attract magnetic space debris.
They could even have a switch to turn the magnets on and off, to remove the space debris from the sails once its been caught.
My Idea To Clean Up Space Junk
To clean up space junk, my idea is to send up a big sail into space, attached to a rocket. The sail would fly around in space, collecting junk. Once full of junk, the sail would fold inwards crushing all the junk. By crushing the junk, there would be more room in the sail for additional junk. The compressed junk would be secured by the magnetic field at the rear of the sail. When the sail reaches capacity, a rope attached to a rocket would pull the sail into Earth's atmosphere. Here, the sail would open, the magnetic field would turn off and drop the compressed junk. This would then burn up upon re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere. I strongly believe that this method would be safer since the junk is compressed because small pieces of junk would burn faster than large pieces as they re-enter the Earths atmosphere. The sail would also be magnetic to attract magnetic space junk.
Solar Sails
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