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Instrumental vs. Missional Thinking

A presentation on instrumental and missional thinking for CEP 815 at MSU

L Mele

on 9 March 2012

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Transcript of Instrumental vs. Missional Thinking

A Lesson on
Instrumental and Missional Thinking Missional
Thinking How does your school react to new technology? By Lisa Mele Do you just have to have:
What is your educational technology plan? Is it to get every student using technology? To put a smart board in every room? To have laptops and iPads and mobile devices for every student? WHY? Before you add technology to the whole school, did you ever stop and question WHY? If not, you fell victim to
Thinking The tendency to focus a school's vision on just the technology and not the real vision for learning We see this when schools just have to acquire: the latest
the newest
the best without focusing on what matters-
the reason
the vision
the PURPOSE What is
your vision? Before acquiring technology just for the sake of having it, you have to consider... Consider your goals for education before considering what technology will get you there Answer questions like What is the best way to teach these concepts?
How can I create the most meaningful, authentic lesson?
How can I get my students engaged in learning? Once you do this, you will have begun... Focusing on a vision for enhancing learning and educational outcomes
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