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The Angry Birds Craze

An extemporaneous speech to inform my Comm3 audience about how to play Angry Birds and why the game is very addicting

Pia Angelyn Sandoval

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of The Angry Birds Craze

5 symptoms Why is it addicting? If you can't stop playing, even reaching a couple of hours... If you're thinking about gaming constantly during other activities... If you're using gaming to escape from anxiety, real life problems, and even homework... If you've started lying to conceal gaming... If you're feeling irritable, annoyed, or angry when trying to cut down on gaming, or when you can't finish a level... THE END =] Top iPhone rankings:
# 1 Paid App in US
# 1 Paid App in UK
# 1 Paid App in Canada
# 1 Paid App in Russia
# 1 Paid App in Philippines
+ 62 more countries Over 12 million copies sold since Dec. 2009 Rovio Mobile Birds' revenge to the pigs that snatched their eggs for dinner Plan ahead. Just because you have a resource doesn't mean you have to use it. Don't always aim high. Stop doing something that's not working. Playing is supposed to
be fun. TRIAL AND ERROR RESTART ILLUSION OF ACHIEVEMENT 50 million downloads Self-meaning
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