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Building Physics

No description

Ruggiero Guida

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Building Physics

Applications (Concept)

Energy Modelling
Computer Modelling

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it."
Lord Kelvin
Computational Fluid
Why we need building physics?
Traditional approach
Energy Consumption
Moisture transfer
Building engineering physics is a key scientific discipline, the understanding of which allows designers to manipulate the thermal and environmental characteristics of buildings to achieve performance criteria without necessarily relying on energy consuming building services installations.
Which Performance?
Equipment size
Excessive daylight
Outdoor comfort
Daylight Availabilty
Ventilation quality
Code compliance
Key parameters
Outdoor comfort
Massing comparison
Site assessment
Why concept design modelling is important even if we do not have data
System Analysis
Daylight availability and Glare
Detailed models
Performance driven design
Oversize boiler/chiller/plant...

Rules of thumb
The building is considered as a whole entity that has performances.
We build a prototype of the building BEFORE it is designed and then we test it
Building Physics
Energy modeling
Environmental design
Design of a building to be amenable and comfortable. While being at the same time no resource intensive
This is the modelling of the energy flows within the buildings. In particular the interaction of the mechanical systems with the building
Zayed National Museum
31% energy saving over baseline
1.5% renewable energy
Impossible to design without deep understanding of buildings behaviour
Ice Storage for Peak Cooling
Building prototype
Al Sila Villa (Abu Dhabi)
3 Pearls
26% Energy Saving
21% Renewables

Seventh Heaven
DBGR Compliance
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