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Victor Chang a heart hero

No description

alberta redgrove

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Victor Chang a heart hero

Thank You!
Time Line/ Background Information
Victor Chang was the son of Australian born parents, Aubrey Chang and May Lee, whose heritage was Chinese. They returned to Shanghai in 1936, and victor was born in that year November 21st.
Victor Chang was the pioneering developer of the current heart transplant. Due to the hard work Victor put into his research he was awarded the COMPANION OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA.
Victor Chang was also successful in pioneering the heart-lung transplant. While he was at St Vincent’s hospital, he also developed the National Heart Transplant Program. Victor Chang also played a key role in developing the artificial heart valve and later an artificial heart.

Victor Chang was a very high achiever. He discovered many things, from the start of his research career to the end of it. He was able to gradually improve the procedures involved in the current heart transplant. His research led to the knowledge that when two particular drugs are used together in the surgical procedure it led to an improvement in the patient’s safety and reduced the cost of the procedure.

Was his personality also the hero?

Victor Chang displayed a great deal of persistence and determination to be able to achieve what he did during his lifetime. Without his personality, full of drive, diligence and interest many of the achievements and discoveries that he made may still not have been discovered.

Why you may encourage people to read his biography

Victor Chang is a great role model. The work he did in the development of the heart transplant, and his contributions to the artificial heart valve and the pioneering of the artificial heart have saved countless lives.
A role model is someone you may aspire to be like, look up to and hope, one-day, to follow in their footsteps. Victor Chang’s life story, told through many biographies, gives you the urge to acquire his motivation, persistence and diligence. Victor Chang was an ordinary addition to the world when he was born. However, as he grew he believed in himself and in what he was doing to then succeed in his life by never giving up even when he failed. That is what success really is. Reading about him, his life and achievements motivates you to do well and seek excellence in your life as he did.

Victor Chang's Achievements
By Alberta Redgrove
Victor Chang, a heart hero
Victor was the eldest of three children, his younger sister was named Frances, and his younger brother was named Anthony.
Victor Chang 9 years
After Victor was born his family moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong due to the invasions of the Japanese. He and his siblings then spent their infancy in Hong Kong.
At school he was known to have a very strong interest in Chemistry and Science. He also successfully learnt English fluently. The Christian Brothers school believed that he showed a great deal of persistence and dedication to his studies.
On the 20th January, 1962, Victor graduated from Sydney University, receiving a Bachelor of Medical Science with first class honours.
In 1953, Victor left Hong Kong for Australia to complete his high schooling at Christian Brothers College, Lewisham.
On the 1st of February Victor started work as an intern in St. Vincent’s Hospital Sydney in Cardiothoracic Surgery
Victor was also fortunate in his personal life. When he finished as an intern, Victor went to England to study. While in England he met Ann who he later married. They had three children, Vanessa, Matthew and Marcus.
In 1973, Victor received a fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
He then started to manufacture and research the production of the artifficial heart valve. He was successful and implanted 1000 chinese people.
Victor's shocking murder by assailants in a Sydney
street on July 4th 1991 has robbed medicine and Australia of a great figure. He made an outstanding contribution to medicine, heart surgery, the Australian community and Australian-Asian relations.

1974 Dr. Chang

Victor Chang was a world renowned surgeon who was widely acknowledged as a pioneer for heart and lung research by many of his peers in the medical profession, people in the wider community and on the international stage. Victor Chang’s research was very successful and innovative and has contributed to saving countless lives. Victor Chang developed Australia’s National Heart Transplant Program at St Vincent’s Hospital. Dr. Victor Chang was also the first to perform a heart transplant in Australia, making medical history. Victor Chang attracted worldwide attention for the new techniques and procedures he used and developed. His program was very successful. As the pioneer of the artificial heart valve Victor Chang became an Australian Hero.
Victor Chang was also a person of integrity and had strong beliefs towards equality and freedom of speech.
Why was he important to Australian Society?
Photos from the scene of Victor Chang's murder
Police at the scene of the murder
Police covering the body of the heart surgeon Victor Chang
Tragically, in 1991, the world class heart surgesom. Lim was depoon, was murdered. Victor Chang was in Mosman when he was shot twice by a Malaysian named Cheiw seng Liew. Cheiw seng Liew was accompad by Phillip Choon Tee Lim who provided Liew with the gun. The Malaysians were apparently attempting to kidnap Chang for ranrted to Mlaysia in 2010 after serving out 18 years in prison. Liew spent 21 years in prison and was deported to Malaysia on his release in 2012.
Cheiw seng Leiw

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