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The Lorax

No description

Patrick Gordon

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of The Lorax

Economic Concepts in The Lorax Hannah Sprinkle
Patrick Gordon Goods and Services What are goods and services? In an economic system, goods and services are what an economic figure trades something of value for. For example, people pay money to receive goods such as clothing. Why are they important to The Lorax? In The Lorax, the Once-ler discovers a forest of "Truffula Trees." He sets up shop and begins creating goods from the tufts of the trees. These goods are known as "Thneeds," and they are full body pieces of clothing. Wants and Needs What are wants and needs? In an economic system, there are two types of goods: want and needs. A need is an item that is absolutely necessary to the life of the consumer. A want is an item one buys solely because they desire it, but have no real need for it. How does it apply? As stated, a Thneed is an example of a good. However, it is not a need; it is a want. A Thneed is in no way necessary to survival. However, the Once-ler states this: "A Thneed's A Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need!" The Once-ler and his customers are fooled into thinking they need a Thneed, therefore a major theme is misconception of needs. Environmental Issues How does this apply in economics? Resources are needed to produce goods, and many of these resources are taken from nature. However, we must observe the effects this has on the environment in order to prevent the harm of nature. How does it apply in The Lorax? The Once-ler's Thneed is made from the tufts of Truffula Trees, which are limited resources. However, the Once-ler is a greedy being, and we see him completely disregard the environment. He chops every last tree, thus causing the extinction of the species. This is an environmental issue; the Once-ler destroyed the environment, and the homes of the creatures living in it. Externality What is an externality? An externality is the negative consequence that follows an economic decision, and ties in very closely with environmental issues. How does it apply in The Lorax? The pollution caused by the Once-ler family is devastating to the forest and its creatures. With the depletion of Truffula Trees, the Brown Bar-ba-loots that fed on them were forced to leave the forest to find a new food source. The air surrounding the forest was so polluted, the Swomee-Swans that inhabited the area were forced to relocate for they could not breathe. Also, the factory poured sludge into the pond all day, and polluted it so much that the Humming Fish who made their home were forced to leave also. With the chopping of the last Truffula, the Lorax himself had no choice but to leave. The Lorax is a cautionary tale of what happens when businesses abuse the environment.
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