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Blue nose dolphin

No description

Gianni Wrenn

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Blue nose dolphin

Bottle nose dolphin. . . .
Global Warming
Finding New Feeding Grounds
Feeding Sources
Oil Spills
Human Error ( Impact )
Fishing Gear
Diseases & Parasites
Sharks ( Predators )
Native Habitat
Coastal Waters & Open Water
Coastal Ecotype
Offshore Ecotype
Cool & Deep Waters
The issues that we are having with the bottle nose dolphins is that when there is a climate change the dolphins don't really know where to go exactly so most of them die because they're not used to the change in temperature, also the dolphins aren't really used to the different changes in the weather so when the weather changes they probably go into a little shock.
Although they are not endangered.
Facts About Bottle Nosed Dolphins
They travel in groups or pods of about 10-30.
They weigh over 1000lb.
They are slower than a car, so they swim up to 3-7mph.
They are shorter than a bus, so they are 10-14ft long.
They can live up to 40 years.

What was one of the threats about the bottle nosed dolphin?
What is one of their natural habitats?
What is one of the issues that the bottle nosed dolphin have?
What is the length of a bottle nosed dolphin?
Are they endangered?
How long do they live for?
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Pictures :
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