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Food and Dining

No description

Ljubica Krstic

on 8 October 2017

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Transcript of Food and Dining

food and dining
reading 1
reading 2
a letter

What is your opinion about fast food taking over from more traditional food?
What is your favourite food?


Is it because of
the person who cooks it
for you or the
place where you eat it
What is FAST FOOD? Why is it called so?

Do you like fast food? Why (not)?

Think about smell, taste, texture, and so on.

What would you call food that is not 'fast'?
How often do you eat out?

Do you think there are some things that a fast-food worker or waiter won't tell you?
Are these statements about fast-food restaurants
A dirty eating area can mean a dirty kitchen.
A lot of fast food is reheated until it's sold.
A salad with dressing is not always the healthiest choice.
Asking for 'extra' means you have to pay more.
At the end of the night, food that is not sold is thrown away.
The black grill marks on a burger are not from cooking it.
Workers don't wash their hands often enough.
You don't have to accept the food on display - you can ask for something to be cooked fresh.

Did you guess whether the previous statements are true or false?

Did any of the information surprise you?
eight things your fast-food worker won't tell you...
fast-food giant tries to convert italy's pizza-lovers to burgers
Find 5 words in paragraph 1 that have a similar meaning to the following:

10 years
company division
possibility for something to happen
use something to an advantage
What do the 5 underlined words and phrases in paragraph 2 mean?

Use the following 5 phrases to complete the gaps in paragraph 3:

market share
Fill in the gaps in paragraph 5 using suitable words or phrases of your choice.
Answer the questions about the text.
You have recently been to a new fast-food restaurant in your town. Write a letter to a friend, telling him or her about your visit. In your letter you should:
explain where the restaurant is, when you went there and why
describe the restaurant and its atmosphere
say what you ate and what you thought of the food
Word count: 150-200 words
As this is an informal letter to a friend, think about the structure of this form of writing. Do include salutations and appropriate opening and closing lines.

What kind of language can you use for informal letters?
Reading 3
Read the text HOSPITALITY WITH DATES and answer the questions about the text.
You have recently cooked a mean for some members of your family. Write a letter to a friend, telling him or her about the meal. In your letter, you should:
explain why you cooked the meal
say where you ate the meal, and with whom
describe what you ate and what everyone thought of the food.
word count: 150 - 200 words
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