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You have to eat food to live!!!!

colin macritchie

on 16 November 2009

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Transcript of Food

Food Types of Desert As you can see there are
many types of food that
are avalible to you. Some are very delicous and some arn't
but wherever you go you will find something good. Arabic food These are a few regular middle
foods, if you like food that has spices
and flavor then this will be great for you. Chinese food Chiniese food has an elagent
taste and has alot of flavor. Mexican food Mexican food has a wide variaty of
difrent types, such as tacos, buritos and more
alot of people like this kidn of food because of
the taste and way it is made. Sushi Sushi is a Japanise
food that is made mainly
of rice raw fish crap,
lobster and some spices.
Shushi first started in the 1700s
when sashimi a japanse "god"
gave them the idea of having it.
Evere scence this has been one of
japanse main food.
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