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how you make a cupcake and different cupcakes.

Syra Khan

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Cupcakes

CUPCAKES How to make cupcakes
-preheat the oven to 350 degress
-put in the sugar, flour, milk, vanilla,
shortening and baking powder in a
big bowl and mix the together for
about a minutes
-add two eggs and mix for two to
three minutes
-pour the batter in a cupcake pan
-bake them for about 20 minutes
-then decorate them Cupcakes were named cupcakes
because they are just like cakes but they are the size of a cup. Cupcakes can be designed
to look like many different
things. Like... The first cupcake recipe that was published
was in 1828
People say that Bettey Crocker was the person who invented cupcakes Before cupcake pans were made
people would bake them in tea cups In the United Kingdom cupcakes are called
"fairy cakes"
You decorate cupcakes with special tools that look like... People still don't know where the name came
from they think it is from what a cupcake looks like and
also because the ingredients are mesured by cups. Today cupcakes are very popular.
Bakers make a lot of money off of them
because they are small and convenient. THE END
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