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coffin cost

the amount of coffins sold and how much in the USA compared to North Africa

matt graumans

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of coffin cost

US. coffin sales 23,600 Coffins are sold in
the USA each month 148 are sold in North Africa They cost an Average
of $5000 each a coffin made in the USA has things like lace fabric cushion, fine stained woods like oak, and maple. and finally to top it off silk curtains. when a person is buried they wear expensive suits and gold watches North African
Coffin Sales 148 coffins are sold in North Africa each year thats 23,452 less than the USA sells in a month they cost an average of $47 each thats $4953 less than 1 US. coffin. for the cost of one American coffin you could buy 714 in North Africa the materials in a casket made in North Africa is made of ply wood and nothing else. When a person in North Africa dies they are buried in whatever they were wearing. at least whatever didnt get stolen from their corpse Thank you for listening
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