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The Hairy ape

No description

s s

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of The Hairy ape

Expressionism Expressionism is a modernist movement Expressionist artists sought to express meaning or emotional experience rather than physical reality The literary elements like plot, characters, and dialogues undergo
a change in the expressionistic plays
They replace plot by episodes The dialogues are aoften fragmentary Expressonism was later applied to literature as a reaction against realism It aimed to show the inner psychological realities instead of representing the world objectively The Hairy Ape O'Neill in this play has adopted
non-realistic methods Realism plays are a form of literature, they are actually intended for performance, not reading Types of Modern Theater kitchen sink theatre Expressionism Theater of the Absurd Expressionism is an artistic style in which the artist attempts to depict not objective reality but rather the subjective emotions It is an expressionist play in a way that O'Neill depicts man's struggle Suffer Effort In an industrial society
searching for identity
Yank Is the antagonist He workes as a fireman
He defends the ship as his home and insist that the work he does is important beacause it makes the ship move He is trying to find a sense of belonging in modern industrial society He is affected by Mildred's reaction Yank symbolizes the srtuggle of modern man withen industrial society Linking Yank's character with Nora's Both trying to find themselves after a moment of relaization Nora struggles from outside and suffers in the inside, just like Yank's outer struggle and inner suffer Mildred Has a double effect on yank; she makes him aware of his social weakness, and become conciouse of his lack as a human being When she calls him " Filthy Beast " The Hairy Ape He searches for the sense of belonging in a world controlled by the rich Yank He lost identity and lack of personal confidence He seeks kindred being with the Gorilla in the zoo and dies in the animal's embrace The structure of the play consist of 8 scenes It has a circle-like form; the starting situation is equal to the one at the end Scene 4 to 8 show the inner conflict of a man These scenes can be seen as different steps of Yank′s way to realization, getting more and more aware of being locked out of real′ life by civilization conclusion " The Hairy Ape "
is an example of an Expressonist play
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