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The Cordillera region !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mariam zahid

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of The Cordillera region !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I am going to talk to you about the Cordillera region and its benefits, rocks and minerals, social concerns and its environmental issues. Also I will be talking
about the regions animal life, climate, vegetation and some special facts.

The Cordillera
Hope you all enjoy !
The Cordillera !!!
By : Mariam
Benefits :

Some of the benefits of the region
are that this region has a beautiful nature ,lots of animals ,many large rivers like the Fraser river, rivers provide fresh water and it has a habitat to fish. Also 31% of copper mined in Canada comes from the Cordillera region
Rocks and Minerals :
Special Facts:
There are allot of special facts in the Cordillera region.
The End

Some special facts is that the Cordillera region includes the province of British Columbia and parts of Alberta, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. This region covers most of the western coast of Canada . Also did you know that the word Cordillera means Mountain ranges in spanish.
Climate :
In the Cordillera region climate changes. In the northern Cordillera there is 200 mm to 400 mm of precipitation a year. In the southern Cordillera there are cold winters and warm summers. Also oceans help cooler summers and warmer winters.
Animal Life :
There are animals like : Gyrfalcon ,
Woodland Caribou, White tailed deer,
Red squirrel, Big horn sheep, Grizzly bear, Black bear and many more animals live here. Two most common animals are Grizzly bear and black bear . Some species have adapted to harsh weather. Those animals are
mountain Goat, Gyrfalcon, White-tailed deer,
Willow ptarmigan, Water pipit and Rosy finch.

Some rocks and minerals are gold, copper, iron, lead, zinc, silver, and nickel. Copper is mined in the Cordillera region.
Metallic minerals like iron and silver are found in igneous rocks. Once people from all over the world came to the Cordillera region in search of gold in the Fraser river valley and the Klondlike river area.
Animals of the Cordillera region :
Social concerns :
There are allot of social concerns in the Cordillera region. Some social concerns are that the regions transportation needs improvement, there are allot of earthquakes here and there are allot of landslides. Also there are poor places with less money and roads and railways ruin animals habitats

There are some environmental issues about the Cordillera region. Some environmental issues are that they have less salmon fish and allot of forests get damaged. And also due to industries dumping chemicals there is allot of pollution .
Damaged forest :
I hope you all enjoyed learning about the Cordillera region and its wonderful and amazing true facts !!!
Vegetation :
There is allot of vegetation here in the Cordillera region. Some vegetation are plants like Douglas Fir,
Fourage grass, White spruce, Lodgepole pine, Bunch
grass and there are many more plants in the Cordillera region.

In the lush meadow habitats Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Stone Sheep, Grizzly Bear and Black Bear are common in lush meadow habitats
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