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The Haka

No description

Ella Morrell

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of The Haka

The Haka!
Why do the maori community need to perform the haka?
The haka is a type traditional maori dance which depicts different types of emotions. The haka may demonstrate joy ,celebration, revenge or war. The haka is usually performed by a tribe to challenge the enimie. The most common haka is Ka Mate which many New Zealand rugby teams often perform berfore playing a match.
What is the haka?
Te Ruaparaha, a famous chief from Ngati Toa in the north island of New Zealand, who was a cunning and audacious leader in the early 1800s, created the famous Ka Mate when he luckily escaped from his enemies. Its significance lies in its meaning of “triumph of life over death” and is therefore, a haka of celebration. Another famous haka is Kapo O Pango, which is performed some times by the all blacks New Zealand’s rugby team
Ka Mate
The haka is always performed in a group usually by men but women can sometimes sing and dance in the background or in the front as well .There are movements in the haka like chanting, feet stamping, hands ( slapping waving or clapping) ,eyes rolling and tongues poking out. They do this to look scary!
How is the haka performed?
The haka is performed for many reasons. For entertainment, a warm welcome to guests, celebration for an achievement, special occasions or a funeral. It can also be a challenge for another group of people for battle. The haka can show a tribes identity and also show their pride and unity and how strong they are together.
How has the haka changed?
Since 1970s the haka has been more known across the world and is an internationally recognized symbol of New Zealand. At my old school in New Zealand we used to perform kapa haka in the library and learn Maori language but when my mum was younger it was different. They didn’t learn any or do anything about Maori culture. But when my Grandmother was at school it was even worse! If any kid spoke a word of Maori t would get in big trouble. But then there was a movement in 1970s to bring back Maori culture and language.
How is the haka similar or different to other pacific island dances?
There are many opinions about the haka. Some might think that it is really cool and admire it. Others may think it’s scary and actually rude. When a group is performing the haka they might be sending out a challenge and if the opposition comes up close or does something rude the group who is performing the haka doesn’t care about it because they know the other group has accepted their challenge. The all blacks make sure that they always treat the haka with respect because they know it is new zealand tradition.
How do other people view the haka?
I can help people understand about the haka or Maori culture by getting it spread out across the world and I could do that by maybe putting it on you tube. Also when people get in to conversation about the haka or Maori culture they might get a bit racist and start laughing and making fun of the way they express themselves because they don’t understand. But I can help them to understand by joining in the conversation and saying what I think its all about and how they express themselves to show their culture and pride.
How can I help people understand about Maori culture?
We know the haka is vital to the Maori culture because it has always stood out in the Maori culture and the Maori have performed it many many times. The haka has been alive for a very very long time and it is still being performed today because of the Maori who are very passionate about their culture. Sometimes tourists are told about the haka and soon find out that the haka is very important because it has talked about to so many people.
How do we know the haka is vital to the Maori culture?
The haka carries memories of war for the Maori people. If the Maori people don’t have those memories they will not remember where they came from Maori culture will break apart. So people need to remember how important the Maori culture is to New Zealand.
This is the all blacks performing the Kapo O Pango haka
The haka can be related to lots of different because they all can be war dances or celebrations and special occasions. The Fijian meke can be similar to the haka because it includes war dances and others like spear dance and a women's dance. The Samoans also perform many dances that can relate to the haka meaning.
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